WTA Top Teleport Operators of 2010

Each year, the World Teleport Association (WTA) ranks our industry operators in their Top Teleport Operators lists. These are the cream of the crop, recognized for offering excellent service and for growing their business. In 2010, eleven iDirect operators made the WTAs Fast Twenty list—congratulations!

In addition to the Fast Twenty list, the WTA features the Independent Top Twenty and Global Top Twenty lists. The 2010 results have shed a bright light on what is fast becoming a decidedly different and diverse teleport sector.

In the Global Top Twenty list, 45 percent are independent teleport operators while the other 55 percent are satellite operators that operate their own teleports.

What’s more, a few of those satellite operators cracked the Fast Twenty list for the very first time. While this may surprise some, WTA’s published findings of the past 12 months support this data. Satellite operators are investing in their ground-based business, and several of them expect big increases in teleport and terrestrial transmission revenues.

For a complete look at the WTA Top Teleport Operators of 2010, click here.

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