The Power of SCPC Return and Multi-Channel Demod

SCPC Tech BriefiDirect’s newly released SCPC Return capability enables service providers to operate Evolution® routers in DVB-S2/ACM outbound and in either TDMA or SCPC Return mode. With this new innovative switching capability, introduced as part of iDX 3.0, service providers gain the flexibility to adjust service levels to dynamic applications and changing traffic patterns, while maintaining an economical way to utilize total network capacity and optimize operational efficiencies. 

Another important feature of iDX 3.0 is adding a Multi-Channel Demod capability to Evolution® line cards. An Evolution XLC-M or eM0DM line card can now support 4 or 8 return channels with the appropriate software license key available in iDX 3.0. This multi-channel demod capability of operating multiple return channels on the same line card allows service providers to take advantage of efficiencies in their hub infrastructure of up to 40% due to fewer line cards and chassis space needed.

Read more to understand the true capabilities of SCPC Return and the Multi-channel Demod line card.

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