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Tech TipsUpgrade your network and take full advantage of the latest iDirect features
Log in to TAC webpage with your username and password.  Click on Software Releases and scroll down to the “Reference Documents for All Releases” link. Once you are on this page, select the software version you’d like to install and download its corresponding ‘upgrade survey.’ After completing the survey, email it to iDirect TAC at TAC will review the survey then contact you regarding next steps.

Contact TAC if you are not sure which software version you should be running and our experienced engineers will guide you on the best release that meets your technical requirements.

The Difference between a Warm Standby and Cold Standby Line Card
A warm standby is a line card that has been pre-configured with the same software and configuration as an active line card. Because the configuration is pre-loaded, a line card acting as a warm standby for an active line card provides the fastest recovery time available. However, a line card can serve as a warm standby for only one active line card.

A cold standby is not pre-loaded with the same configuration as the active line card. Since the configuration must be downloaded from the NMS server to the line card before the standby can become operational, a line card acting as a cold standby for an active line card takes significantly longer to take over for a failed active line card. However, a line card can serve as a cold standby for multiple active line cards.

Wondering about a technical issue? Send us a question and we’ll get the answer for you.

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