Retain Customers with Service Level Agreements

Denis SutherlandBy Denis Sutherland, Systems Engineering Manager

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is essentially a contract between you and your customer stipulating that your company will respond to any crisis or critical requirement within a specified amount of time.  For example, you could write into your SLA that if a customer’s network crashes, tier one support will respond with a phone call within 30 minutes and start to troubleshoot. With this kind of guarantee, customers will be more willing to sign on for service or an upgrade to their own network with your offered technology.

It’s true that SLAs are mostly requested by larger companies. However, a VSAT service provider could offer SLAs as part of their service to a company of any size and gain a competitive edge. For VSAT service providers, an SLA program is a guarantee to current and future customers that the business service/offering is something they can rely on. SLAs also provide easier entry into such lucrative vertical markets as Oil & Gas, Energy and Utilities, Enterprise, Banking, Cellular Backhaul, and Military Defense.

Right now, iDirect customers offer SLAs as an assurance that once a VSAT application is launched, end customers can be certain that their IT applications, like VoIP, VPN, streaming media, Internet access or data backup, will function with enough bandwidth, lower latency, decreased jitter, and constant connectivity, ensuring that it’s there when you need it. In short, services can be offered with confidence. Once you have the right tools and education in place, you’ll wonder why you didn’t set up an SLA program sooner.

A proper SLA can help your business grow cost effectively, gain a competitive advantage, increase your company’s revenue, retain a slew of satisfied customers, and add new customers.

iDirect’s SLA Series
We’re going to discuss SLAs in greater detail on this blog and we’ll explain how to create, manage, and sell SLAs for your business. Look for the next topics in this series:

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