From HQ to My Hometown (#DCtoUK)

By Dave Davis, Sr. Systems Engineer, iDirect Europe

American Football. I’ll hereafter refer to it as “football”. The other kind of football, I call soccer. Let’s not get hung up on the name; if you want a real debate on this, I’m a Rugby fan, so that’s the “Real Football” in my eyes. And then there’s a debate on which code of Rugby…

Dave Davis RedskinsLet’s just leave it there…

I’ve been a Washington Redskins fan since I was a young lad. In the 1980s, football was first aired on Channel 4. It was at the time a new channel, added to the other 3 we had available. Oh how things have changed. It was then that the Redskins caught my eye. The skill and grace of Joe Theismann, the speed and agility of Art Monk, the raw power of “The Diesel”, John Riggins and the metronomic reliability of Mark Moseley’s kicking. All under the watchful eye and the management of the Legend Joe Gibbs. *sigh* Those were goooood days. Since then, it’s been pretty slim pickings to be honest, but I’ve stuck with them through thick and thin. At this point, if I’ve lost any soccer fans, think of supporting Liverpool in the 80’s and then sticking with them ever since. Or Moseley if you’re a Rugby fan…

Wind forward *cough* years and here I am working for a company based just a short metro ride from the FedEx Field, home of the Redskins. I’ve been lucky enough to be over in my HQ when a home game’s scheduled and I’ve been able to get to the FedEx to see them up close and personal. It was an amazing experience and I was fortunate enough to be there when they came back to win from the biggest deficit they’d ever fought back from.

On Sunday 30 October 2016, The Redskins are coming to the UK, Wembley (home of soccer) to play the Cincinnati Bengals.

From Washington to London.

From my HQ to my hometown.

To say I’m excited is an understatement and I’m going to be at Wembley having the time of my life.

When I stop to think about it, a good football team is like a good Satcom system. What do I mean by this? Firstly, in football you need a strong defence; an offensive line that protects the Quarterback and a Secondary that actively stops any threats. In Satcom you need to know your data is secure and iDirect employs many features, such as AES 256 to secure data and TRANSEC to secure the link and control information.

Secondly, in football you need a level of accuracy and precision; the same with Satcom. Forward error correction, deterministic TDMA and many other features makes sure that the information you send over the Satcom link is received first time accurately and efficiently.

Lastly, in football you need a team that works together and supports each other. There is an Offence, a Defence, Special Teams, Coaching Staff, Management Staff and a whole raft of back office staff looking after medical needs, nutrition, transport, etc. In the Satcom industry, we rely on integration partners, service providers, distribution partners, professional service partners, etc. Without one vital part of this eco-system none of us would be able to do what we do so well. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

So on Sunday, while I’m at the game I’ll raise a glass of something appropriate to all of you in the Satcom industry. Thank you all for being a part of a winning team; let’s just hope my beloved Redskins are on the winning side on Sunday.



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