Partner Perspective: Elara Comunicaciones

elaraThe VSAT market is poised for growth in the Latin American region. This is due to a rise of government-funded projects and economic stability throughout the region.

To better understand what new opportunities are emerging, we sat down with Elara Comunicaciones’ CEO, Jorge L. Villarreal Schutz, to discuss Elara’s success in the region and how iDirect has helped them expand their business.

Could you start off with a brief overview of Elara, your operations and what makes you unique in your market? 

Elara Comunicaciones is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Mexico and Latin America. We have a teleport established in Mexico, which began operations in 2004. We are now the largest satellite service provider in Mexico and the second largest in Latin America. Our solutions are unique for each client, which guarantees our service will work according to each customer’s specific market needs.

What services do you focus on in each of your core vertical markets? 

Oil and Gas – We offer connectivity for wells and platforms with IP voice services or IP telephony, and access to RP, FTP and Internet. This is done through private networks connected to our teleport by means of auto-tracking and auto-deployable antennas.

Mining – We provide connectivity support for mining communities, backup links for large mines and primary links for small mines.

Energy – We provide Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) connectivity and offer different types of antennas to help connect remote areas.

Construction – We provide connectivity for new projects and for complexes without land coverage.

Retail – We offer backup links in order to increase availability to point of sale customers and connectivity in areas without land coverage.

Financial – We provide primary and backup services for tellers and backup services for branches.

Carriers – We provide connectivity to enable quick implementations and supplement traditional services.

Maritime – We offer connectivity for any kind of vessel with auto-tracking antennas.

How has your partnership with iDirect benefitted your operations in the Latin America region? 

Thanks to our partnership with iDirect, we have been able to implement more than 3,500 VSAT sites for a variety of projects over the last two years. A great example would be Mexico’s “10K” program, overseen by Coordinación de la Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento (CSIC) of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Mexico. We are delivering voice and data services to 2,717 towns in rural southeastern Mexico. This project is focused on supplying communication services to schools, health centers and other organizations that serve the community in rural areas.

The network runs over the iDirect Platform. We chose iDirect as the satellite communications platform, because of the flexible nature of the technology and the high quality of the service.

What are some future applications/solutions that will become available using iDirect’s technology? 

On our roadmap we plan to use iDirect for a mobile connectivity solution on planes and trains. This network will feature multiple service levels comparable to terrestrial communications and will scale up to 2 Mbps. Elara will provide service over a two-year period and plans to support future offerings such as IPTV, Virtual Private Network (VPN) access, Hotspot Wifi connectivity and fixed and mobile voice services.

As the Latin America region continues to grow, overcoming the digital divide remains a priority across all major markets. With iDirect, Elara is positioned to deliver broadband connectivity to advance the region’s forward development.

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