GVF – Broadband Maritime Europe 2011

Satellite service providers supporting the maritime connectivity market gathered June 28th & 29th in London for the GVF Broadband Maritime Europe 2011 Conference. The conference was focused on current communications trends within the maritime market and the applications that are driving connectivity. 

iDirect participated in the conference by presenting on two different topics that were relevant to the audience. On the first day of the event Denis Sutherland and Roger Adamson from Stark Moore MacMillan, presented the findings of a market research study that iDirect commissioned to provide insight into the implementation, understanding and usage of VSAT technology within the maritime shipping industry. We have provided a summary of the results in a whitepaper that is posted on the iDirect website. 

On the second day Denis presented an overview of the latest updates and enhancements to SatManage and how this tool provides insights to maritime end customers by enabling service providers to provide real time network reports and information about every vessel in the network through the use of customer portals. SatManage collects and displays detailed data from all VSAT terminals enabling service providers to offer detailed service level agreements to their maritime customers. 

Overall the conference provided a good forum for increased discussion on the future of maritime communications and the increased adoption and requirements for data connectivity on board vessels.

iDirect foresees smart grid role for satellite communications

smartgridSatellites orbiting at least 100 miles above Earth can provide DA, plus substation and AMI backhaul, in rural areas or rugged terrain where fiber does not easily reach, Richard Deasington, director of vertical markets for iDirect, of Herndon, Va, told us… Continue>

Talk Satellite interviews iDirect’s CMO Toni Lee Rudnicki

iDirect's Tony Lee Rudnicki

Listen in as Ms. Rudnicki discusses iDirect’s latest technological innovations with its iDX 3.0 software. For the first time SCPC and TDMA are on the same platform! This is a game changer for the industry as SCPC Return capability enables service providers to switch any Evolution router back and forth between TDMA and SCPC based on dynamic bandwidth requirements. SCPC Return Channel was developed to equip service providers with the flexibility required to support dynamic customer networks, and will enable them to capture new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs. With this technology, providers can pool total capacity and distribute it more effectively across their customer base.

Ms. Rudnicki describes how this software can improve the relevance of the services you offer and the impact on the industry in this short interview. You can read more about iDX 3.0 here.

Ship Equip with breakthrough contract in Shanghai, China

The opening of the Ship Equip Shanghai Office in 2010 has proved successful with the first contract signed on May 10th with Ningbo HaiZhiXing Ocean Fishery. The contract was signed during a new Technology & Product Conference held in Shanghai by Ship Equip and partner company Beijing Highlander.

The company Ningbo HaiZhiXing Ocean Fishery Co,. Ltd.,  is a Ministry of Agriculture qualified large-scale offshore fishing enterprise who owns 16 professional offshore squid fishing vessels, and has 6 more being built.  HaiZhiXing operates in high seas of the Southeast Pacific (Peru), North Pacific and Southwest Atlantic (Argentina). It is Ship Equip’s first deal in the Chinese market and the SEVSAT system is to be installed on Ningbo HaiZhiXing fishing vessel “HaiZhiXing 805”. Subsequently the system is scheduled to be installed on all their newbuilds. 

“We see the Chinese Market as a huge opportunity” says Mr. Wesley Tham, Managing Director Ship Equip Asia-Pacific. “Our Shanghai office has just been set up when this early contract is signed. I take it as a clear proof that our SEVSAT system is very attractive, and that whether you are in Asia or any other continent the need for communication is equally present” Mr. Tham points out. 
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iDirect at the Femtocell World Summit in London this week

Femtocell World Summit By Richard Deasington

Astounding statistic of the week: Cisco predicts that data usage will multiply 26 times between now and 2015! While new technologies such as 4G LTE will help by increasing the spectral efficiency and the move to digital television will free up some useful bandwidth – it won’t be enough.  The only way to get more throughput is to put the users closer to the cell sites and to have many more of them.

Is this good news for satellite – and iDirect in particular? Yes! iDirect is in the vanguard of working with both operators and cellular network vendors in validating iDirect satellite connectivity as a key part of the backhaul portfolio for Femto as well as classic Macro cell sites.  Only iDirect’s established performance as the leader in providing high quality voice links with leading bandwidth efficiency will adequately support Femto connectivity.

Taking high-speed mobile Internet and voice access to remote and rural sites has three key requirements: sites, power and backhaul.  Often the latter is the limiting factor – these remote and rural locations are exactly where it’s often hardest to find ADSL or cable TV connectivity for backhaul – of course satellite can reach them with ease.

For more information contact Richard Deasington, director of vertical markets, iDirect.

The Power of SCPC Return and Multi-Channel Demod

SCPC Tech BriefiDirect’s newly released SCPC Return capability enables service providers to operate Evolution® routers in DVB-S2/ACM outbound and in either TDMA or SCPC Return mode. With this new innovative switching capability, introduced as part of iDX 3.0, service providers gain the flexibility to adjust service levels to dynamic applications and changing traffic patterns, while maintaining an economical way to utilize total network capacity and optimize operational efficiencies. 

Another important feature of iDX 3.0 is adding a Multi-Channel Demod capability to Evolution® line cards. An Evolution XLC-M or eM0DM line card can now support 4 or 8 return channels with the appropriate software license key available in iDX 3.0. This multi-channel demod capability of operating multiple return channels on the same line card allows service providers to take advantage of efficiencies in their hub infrastructure of up to 40% due to fewer line cards and chassis space needed.

Read more to understand the true capabilities of SCPC Return and the Multi-channel Demod line card.

iDirect at CommunicAsia 2011

iDirect at CommunicAsia 2011

iDirect’s team has been in Singapore this week attending one of the world’s largest satellite shows, CommunicAsia 2011. Traffic at the show has been fantastic; our VIP customer reception hosted over 80 customers and we’ve seen a lot of interest and excitement from regional and global operators around our newly release iDX 3.0 and SatManage Standard editions. 

The iDX3.0 demo garnered quite a lot of interest- the SCPC Return feature resonated with many as a way to cost effectively manage their customer’s varying bandwidth requirements and heavy traffic, without having to invest in a dedicated SCPC platform.  SatManage Standard edition really attracted some of our more regional service provider as they quickly deploy SatManage Standard to improve their operations, grow their business and increase customer loyalty.  Join us for a special webinar on July 20 at 10 a.m. EST as we present SatManage Standard. 
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The University Of The South Pacific Upgrades Regional Campus Network With iDirect’s Evolution Platform

University improves network efficiency and stability; scales service to support future Ku-band deployment

Herndon, Va., June 22, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that the University of the South Pacific (USP), a regional institution owned by the governments of 12 countries, has switched its VSAT service to iDirect’s Evolution platform. With Evolution, USP is equipped to improve the efficiency, stability and scalability of its network, which provides Internet access, course management applications, and video and audio conferencing services to its campuses.  USP has purchased an iDirect 5IF satellite hub as well as Evolution X3 and X5 remote routers. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Since 2000, USP has owned and operated USPNet, its regional satellite network that keeps its 12 campuses across the South Pacific connected. As USPNet grew, several stability and efficiency issues began to affect its performance. During high-congestion periods, for example, the quality of individual services suffered, including Internet, video conferencing and the course management system relied on by students and faculty. This, coupled with the network’s limited bandwidth capacity, prevented USPNet from effectively expanding or meeting the needs of its users.
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Tuaropaki Launches iDirect Evolution Network In New Zealand To Expand Broadband Service Offering

Tuaropaki to deliver carrier-grade services to government and corporate market, support 3G cellular backhaul

Herndon, Va., June 21, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Tuaropaki Communications Limited (Tuaropaki), a satellite service provider based in New Zealand, has launched a broadband network built on iDirect’s Evolution DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) product line. Tuaropaki installed an iDirect 5IF Hub in Auckland and will purchase a number of iDirect Evolution satellite routers, along with PCMA devices and XipLink XA30K network accelerators, to support anticipated customer growth over the next three years. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

With the iDirect platform’s built-in Group Quality of Service and ACM capabilities, Tuaropaki will enhance its rural inzone broadband service to deliver attractive data usage plans to existing customers, as well as target new enterprise and government customers. The expanded network will position Tuaropaki to meet the growing capacity needs from its existing customer base, as well as offer carrier-grade satellite service to support in-demand applications such as Internet, IP infrastructure extension, VPN access, video, voice over IP, business continuity, emergency communications, distance education and 3G cellular backhaul. Tuaropaki’s service will integrate bandwidth from three beams on the IPStar and GE-23 satellites.
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iDirect Launches New Standard Edition of SatManage

Simplified software offering targeted at mid-tier operators looking to optimize network operations and enhance customer management

Herndon, Va., June 20, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced it has released a new software edition for its award-winning SatManage system. SatManage Standard is a simplified, out-of-the-box software offering designed for satellite operators with small to mid-tier network deployments that want to improve their operations, grow their business and increase customer loyalty. Like the Enterprise edition, SatManage Standard includes a powerful suite of Web-based software tools that integrate, monitor and automate satellite networks and Network Operations Center (NOC)-based applications. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

SatManage Standard is specifically designed for mid-tier operators that have networks with up to 1,000 VSATs and less complex requirements for mobile remotes and extended reporting. SatManage Standard provides all the key functionality in the Enterprise edition, but without the extra mobility and traffic analysis features that are not relevant for smaller, fixed deployments. If an operators’ network size or complexity becomes large enough, they can easily upgrade from the Standard edition to the Enterprise edition.
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