SIS Ups the Antennae at IBC

SIS Live provides a complete satellite broadcast system including uplinks

Outside broadcast and satellite uplink specialist SIS Live will show some new developments in its product ranges at IBC2011 in Amsterdam next month. This includes versions of its uPak VSAT terminal in Ka, Ku and X band parabolic style antenna, and the Tr-uPod satellite uplink system for the first time in Europe.

Multi-band uPak is now available with a 60cm parabolic style antenna as well as the previously issued flat plate antenna. This automated VSAT terminal provides high-speed data communications for Internet connectivity, video transmission and VPN connectivity, using its integral iDirect modem.

Tr-uPod, first unveiled at NAB 2011, is a flexible, compact satellite uplink system featuring an advanced composite antenna design, tool-less assembly with fully automated or simple manual operation. The multiband antenna is available in 0.75m, 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m versions and packs into two IATA-compliant carry cases, which can be flown as standard airline baggage and easily carried over rough terrain.

See iDirect at IBC2011

Booth 5.B30
Sept. 9-13
Amsterdam RAI

IBC is a premier venue for Satellite Service Providers and the Satellite Broadcasting Industry. iDirect will be presenting some exciting new developments to its product range at the 2011 IBC exhibition in Amsterdam.

With so much to see and do how do you make the best use of your time?

Here are some reasons why you should visit iDirect at IBC2011, located at booth 5.B30:

  • Stop by as we host a special VIP Reception in our booth on Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 4 – 6 p.m. You’ll have a chance to network with the iDirect executives and team!
  • iDirect’s iDX 3.0 software brings TDMA and SCPC together for the first time on one platform. Building on the power of the industry-leading Evolution® technology, iDX 3.0 is loaded with all the abilities you need to thrive in any industry, any network configuration. Stop by our booth to see a demo of this powerful software’s capabilities and register for our iDX 3.0 workshop.
  • Experience the most sophisticated network management tool in the business, SatManage, in our SatManage Pavilion adjacent to the iDirect booth.
  • The entire Evolution® product line will be on display, featuring our commercial and military powerful remotes and BUC and LNB bundles, so this is an ideal time to have a hands-on look at what makes this technology line so unique.
  • Get a sneak-peak of our soon-to-be launched Evolution Minihub Series and our low-cost X1 remote ideal for large, narrow-band networks.
  • You’ll also see XipLink, our network accelerator, on display. XipLink products are easy to install and maximize the speed of encrypted packets over secure satellite networks and optimize web traffic and content for improved user experience.

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EADS acquires Vizada for its Astrium Division

Astrium, an EADS subsidiary has entered into an agreement to acquire Vizada from Apax France, a French Private Equity fund and the majority shareholder, for $ 960 million. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Vizada is a leading independent provider of global satellite-based mobility communication services, serving customers across sectors including maritime, aero, land, media, NGO (non-governmental organizations) and government/defence. Via all satellite network operators, it offers mobile and fixed connectivity services both directly and through a distribution network of over 400 re-sellers. Vizada has over 200,000 users around the world. Vizada is present in five continents with over 700 employees.

Vizada expects to generate around $ 660 million in revenue and $ 95 million EBITDA in 2011.

The growing demand for maritime services is a perfect cornerstone for Astrium to develop its commercial Satellite Communications (SatCom) business. Vizada is one of the leaders in such services for which there is a clear market demand. This also offers multiple development potential in the various sub sectors such as commercial, fishing, leisure and military. Vizada also serves other market verticals such as media, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), mining and governmental sectors.  Continue>


Submissions for WTA’s Top Teleport Operator Rankings to Open September 5

WTA Top OperatorsFrom World Teleport

Each year, WTA publishes the world’s only rankings of companies that operate teleports for commercial purposes, including independents, satellite carriers, fiber carriers and technology providers. Rankings are based on total revenue from all sources and on year-over-year growth. The questionnaire will be available on September 5.

Rankings are based on total revenue from all sources and on year-over-year growth. They recognize that, to some extent, every teleport operator competes in the same marketplace – the biggest with the smallest – but that like all marketplaces, the teleport sector has segments in which even the smallest players can compete effectively and achieve strong growth.  Continue>

TETRA Webinar Playback

In case you missed our last webinar on TETRA networks, you can watch it here.

iDirect’s Director, Vertical Marketing, Richard Deasington, discussed:

  •  The importance of TETRA
  •  How big the market opportunity is and where the growth areas are
  •  iDirect’s offering to TETRA network operators
  •  The technical solution and its advantages 

You can also learn more by reading our TETRA Case Study.

Exciting News on iDirect iDX 3.0


Using satellite communications, customers face an ironic challenge when it comes to growth. The more satellite IP networks are adopted for core business communications, the more these networks can become difficult and costly to support.

While it’s ironic, the logic is simple. Greater reliability leads to greater volumes of network traffic and more dynamic applications.

The solution lies on two fronts: efficiency and flexibility. Bentley Walker are committed to investing in our iDirect Evolution networks to ensure efficient allocation of satellite capacity and to ensure  our platforms are able to adjust to customer demand trends.

The industry in general has recently seen several key innovations that have enabled Bentley Walker to increase bandwidth efficiency and offer better value to our customers. . The most significant of these was the introduction of DVB-S2. But a longer list of technologies– such as Adaptive Coding and Modulation, 2D 16-State inbound coding and Adaptive TDMA (all operating on Bentley Walker networks) is helping making our satellite networks much more efficient.  Continue>

Satellite Communication isn’t Too Exotic for the Smart Grid

From Electric Light & Power

By Bob Gohn, Pike Research

Satellite communication has long been used in utility networks to provide connectivity for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and applications such as voice, video and data to remote substation sites that other communications methods cannot reach economically. Despite this history, satellite communication often is viewed as an exotic technology and overlooked as a smart grid communications option.

Satellite communication recently has evolved in improving performance reliability and reducing costs. Satellite networks are now two-way communications systems built on Internet Protocol (IP) with broadband data rates. Next-generation coding standards have made satellite more reliable and cost-efficient. Satellite networking hardware has been engineered to meet next-generation carrier standards, integrating well with terrestrial wireless and wireline communications.  Continue>

Join iDirect for a TETRA Webinar

“iDirect and TETRA Networks: Find the Opportunity”

Register now

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 10-11 a.m. EST

Live Q&A

Join iDirect’s Director, Vertical Marketing, Richard Deasington, for an exclusive TETRA Network webinar.

You’ll learn about:

  •  What is TETRA?
  •  How big is the market opportunity and where are the growth areas?
  •  What iDirect can offer to TETRA network operators?
  •  What is the technical solution?
  •  What are the advantages of the iDirect solution?

Plus, get your own questions answered via our live, interactive Q&A session.

To learn more please contact an iDirect Account Representative.

Army Exercise Tests Communications On The Move

Mobile comm, network management and power systems examined

A recently concluded military communications exercise focused on mobile communications and networking across three continents.

The Joint Users Interoperability Communications Exercise, which took place in June, is an annual exercise run by the Army’s Communications Electronics Command to test new methods and techniques for running and managing joint and coalition networks.

There were three primary themes to this year’s event: expeditionary communications, pushing communications to the edge of the battlefield and CECOM’s transition from Fort Monmouth, N.J., to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. JUICE 2011 took place in three separate regions — North America, Asia/Hawaii and Europe — and involved 20 satellite communications shots, said John Caruso, chief executive agent for JUICE.  Continue>

Terrestrial Cable + VSAT = Full Coverage

From Communications Technology

As MSOs seek to make a play for enterprise and cellular backhaul service, an IP-based Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite platform could provide the means for extending past their current infrastructures.

“It’s a way for a cable operator to provide universal access to wherever a commercial customer wants to provide service,” says Richard Deasington, director/verticals marketing for iDirect, a satellite-based IP communications company.

In other words, operators gain reach into any location, even where it isn’t economically feasible to roll out fiber due to the remoteness or the unstable nature of the geography.

“Our customers use the satellite links to connect back to their headquarters offices or the Internet. Applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, browsing and virtual private network (VPN) are commonplace, thanks to the IP centricity of the technology,” adds James Trevelyan, head of sales, government and enterprise at Arqiva, which operates 20 hubs.  Continue>