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See iDirect at CommunicAsia 2016

iDirect at CommunicAsia 2016Join iDirect at Stand 1P3-01 at CommunicAsia 2016 to learn how we can help you gain the highest performance, achieve the greatest efficiencies, and capture maximum opportunities with your iDirect service.

We are innovating on all fronts, so stop by to see:

  • New Universal Line Cards (ULCs) with higher MODCODS and 4x return capacity – DVB-S2X ready
  • Range of high powered flexible remotes for all markets, including a new preview of our next generation DVB-S2X remote
  • Our highly scalable network management system, iDirect Pulse®, that enables enterprise scalability to support large networks, and enhances mobility management to simplify complex networks
  • Solutions that enable seamless end-to-end services, optimizations and improved user experience

Visit us at Stand 1P3-01 to see how we are enabling solutions that will allow you to offer advanced VSAT services across all markets with your iDirect platform. Read More

A Secure 4G/LTE Backhaul Experience Shouldn’t Compromise Throughput

Richard DeasingtonBy Richard Deasington, Director of Market Development at iDirect

Global demand for 4G/LTE services has hit a new threshold. No matter the location—urban, rural or remote—user expectations remain the same: high speed and high quality, no compromise. This means that mobile operators are tasked with building-out networks that meet end-user expectations, yet still ensure privacy of the data being transmitted across the network.

However, this presents a difficult challenge for those that must leverage satellite for remote and rural locations or for emergency response networks. For satellite, achieving this level of security often comes at the cost of speed and efficiency.

Here’s the difficulty: Previous generations of networking technology encryption were provided from the handset to the RNC – within the core network. LTE has changed this configuration, moving the RNC functionality out to the edge of the network. This has been done in order to improve efficiency and reduce the latency. The resulting effect is that now the LTE base station processes the clear text of all traffic.

When it comes to backhauling this traffic to the network, the recommendation by the 3GPP is to carry all traffic from the base station inside an IPsec tunnel back to the security gateway in the core network. This, according to 3GPP specifications, ensures security.

Breaking the Norm

A standard LTE implementation uses IPsec to secure all communications by authenticating and encrypting the data from the LTE eNodeB through the network to the Security Gateway in the EPC. In the past, optimizing this encrypted traffic over a satellite link was not possible as the encryption process scrambled all the information being carried. Read More

Satellite and the End-to-End Network: The Next Stage of Innovation

By Eric Watko, Vice President, Integrated Solutions and Space Systems, iDirect

The Next Stage of Innovation

Satellite’s role in creating a truly converged end-to-end network is an ongoing industry discussion, and one that continues to generate more conversation with the introduction of new technology innovations and the growing demands that drive them.

Throughout the past few weeks iDirect has engaged in a discussion with Verizon, NSR, BT and Intelsat on the role of satellite in the end-to-end network. Our conversation wraps up this week with Eric Watko addressing the question posed by Intelsat: What are the next steps to innovating around modern networking technology in order for satellite to continue operating right at the heart of IP networks?

Looking back on the past few weeks, we have been engaged in a very enlightening discussion around how we work to make satellite communication technology look and act more like all other access technologies.

  • We were given a glimpse into the telco environment from Verizon and the steps it must take in order to align satellite with its core MPLS network.
  • From there, NSR offered a call-to-action regarding the need to see more advances in the areas of software-defined satellite networks, transitioning out of fixed server hardware and into a virtualized environment.
  • BT Global Services described their efforts to launch satellite networks built on a Layer 2 foundation to support telco trends toward carrier Ethernet.
  • Finally, Intelsat talked about enabling service agility so telecom providers can quickly reach underserved areas.

For iDirect, the answer is clear: We must be able to support the service needs of the industry as a whole. We cannot simply focus on the space segment, but instead examine every aspect—from the edge of the core network, to the terminals, to the endpoint of the customer. Read More

iDirect Next-Generation Ground Infrastructure Powers New OmniAccess Super Yacht and Boutique Cruise VSAT Service

DVB-S2X-ready universal line cards and remotes exceeding 140 Mbps aggregate throughput set new standard for bandwidth aboard luxury ships

Herndon, VA, March 9, 2016 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that OmniAccess, a leading provider of VSAT services to the luxury yacht market, is launching its Broadbeam nextGen VSAT service using iDirect’s latest Evolution technology. OmniAccess will be the first to leverage iDirect’s new DVB-S2X-ready universal line cards and new 9350 satellite remote, which exceeds 140 Mbps aggregate throughput. This next generation VSAT service will meet the ever-increasing demand for connectivity aboard super yachts worldwide. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

A new expectation for connectivity exists amongst luxury super yacht and cruise ship passengers today. Service providers must be able to accommodate multiple devices streaming high-definition video and running voice and data applications, all at a low-cost, high quality level of delivery.

With the debut of its next-generation extreme-throughput VSAT service, OmniAccess will leverage iDirect’s technology developments to introduce Broadbeam nextGen, a new and unique triple-play service offering in the yacht market that will enable HD and UHD/4K PlexusTV streaming, as well as unparalleled bandwidths and premium VoIP services.

Building this next-generation service requires a new level of technology that is equipped to handle an unwavering acceleration of throughput requirements. iDirect’s new Universal line cards is the most powerful to date, with return line cards that will feature aggregate symbol rates up to 30Msps, with individual carriers up to 15Msps and 16QAM MODCODs for improved efficiency. The new transmit line card is software upgradable to DVB-S2X and will feature a powerful combination of 32APSK MODCODs and embedded pre-distortion, which helps OmniAccess realize new efficiency and performance gains when operating on fully saturated transponders. Read More

SatHaul Optimization Suite Addresses Critical Network Challenges

Demand for 4G/LTE services is escalating around the globe. As mobile operators look to build out these networks, the need for a consistent user experience is oftentimes the most difficult factor to achieve—particularly when it comes to rural or remote locations.

Traditional terrestrial backhaul technologies may not be able to reach these remote areas or extend network coverage in a cost effective way. This is where satellite brings unique value, helping extend the network to places beyond the reach of terrestrial technologies. Advances in both space and satellite ground infrastructure continue to improve the user experience and efficiency of using the technology. The iDirect SatHaul™ solution is designed to provide the hardware and software to help mobile operators expand coverage in a smart and profitable way.

iDirect SatHaul Optimization

When it comes to 4G/LTE connectivity, the iDirect SatHaul Optimization Suite addresses unique network challenges to enable satellite to be a viable backhaul technology. Let’s take a look:


Challenge: A 4G subscriber expects a high quality connection with multi-megabit throughput capabilities to deliver things like streaming audio and video. When it comes to using satellite to backhaul TCP/IP traffic, one of the challenges that can impact throughput performance is the approximately 600ms delay that is introduced through the round trip time sending a signal to and from the satellite. Read More

The APAC Outlook

It’s a region that is projected by NSR to be one of the two largest for broadband VSAT networking services in the coming years, and one in which COMSYS data shows as currently having the second most TDMA enterprise sites in service across the globe. Driven by demand from a mix of both traditional and emerging market segments, the VSAT spotlight looks to be on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for a bright future.

At the very least, this region takes center stage of the VSAT community this week with the kickoff of CommunicAsia 2014 in Singapore. iDirect’s presence comes both at the show with executive speaking engagements and product showcases, as well as prior to the show with its annual Asia Partner Summit.

Setting the stage, let’s take a closer look at the market factors driving opportunity in APAC and the ways in which iDirect is helping better position both operators and service providers to succeed in this region.

Market Outlook

Tom Cheong, vice president and general manager, iDirect Asia, characterizes the market opportunity as a blend of both legacy and emerging. He points to the fact that unlike more VSAT- developed markets around the world, APAC is continuing to see growth from more traditional segments like Oil & Gas, Mining, Maritime and Defense. He believes untapped potential for upgrading legacy communications systems exist in these segments, which for many customers are built on less efficient RF or microwave technologies. Read More

Globecomm Introduces iDirect Evolution iDX 3.2 Service for Africa on Yamal-402

From BusinessWire

Globecomm has introduced iDirect Evolution service on Yamal 402 from its secure UK-based teleport reaching all sub-Saharan African countries including Madagascar. The service provides the benefits of the latest iDirect Evolution technology, iDX 3.2, which supports the manufacturer’s adaptive TDMA technology to provide adaptive carrier modulation (ACM) on the return path, which overcomes rain attenuation and increases both availability and performance. The iDX 3.2 software also supports iDirect’s latest X7 modem, which is designed to support high-speed data applications including SCPC on the return channel.

“Most service providers introduce African service with one or two megabits per second to test the waters”

From the start of service, Globecomm is using a full 54 MHz transponder on Yamal 402 providing outbound capacity that exceeds 150 Mbps. By saturating the transponder, Globecomm is providing additional gain that delivers a higher quality of service to smaller antennas. Continue>

Partner Perspective: Harris CapRock

Andrew Lucas

Andrew Lucas
Global Operations Officer
Harris CapRock Communications

Harris CapRock builds robust, managed-network solutions for customers that span the energy, government and maritime markets and operate in some of the world’s most remote and harsh environments.

As the world’s single largest commercial buyer of space segment, we provide solutions and technologies to compliment satellite communications, but these are not the limit to our products and services. We provide fully managed communications by leveraging expertise across multiple technologies – satellite, wireless and terrestrial. Each customer we serve has their own set of distinct requirements but shares the common need for reliable communications in remote and harsh environments.

We also serve as a trusted technology advisor to our clients and assist them by helping to develop fully managed or turnkey solutions that enable clients to maximize the value of their networks. Harris CapRock is unique in that we remain technology agnostic and employ the best solution for our clients. Read More

Inmarsat + Intellian – Signing On For Stable Solutions (SATCOM)


Inmarsat (LSE:ISAT.L) has selected Intellian Technologies for the production of marine stabilized antennas for its forthcoming Global Xpress™ (GX) service. Intellian will design and manufacture a 60cm Ka-band GX antenna and a 1m Ku-band antenna that can be converted to Global Xpress when the service starts in 2013. Both antennas will incorporate the GX core module currently under development by iDirect.

The world’s first global Ka-band network, Global Xpress will deliver a high-performance, high-quality, cost-competitive service. Capable of providing up to 50Mbps, GX will operate alongside Inmarsat’s existing L-band maritime services to offer an unrivaled combination of power, reliability and global coverage for the world’s shipping fleets. “Intellian has built a strong position in maritime SATCOM hardware, and has invested heavily in their R&D, engineering and global distribution,” said Frank Coles, President of Inmarsat Maritime. “Their commitment to produce both a Ka-band GX antenna and a Ku-to-GX antenna supports our vision of providing a pathway today to the higher performance of Global Xpress in the near future.”