Maritime and Satellite Communications Sector Collaborate to Enable Operational Improvements at Sea

Broadband Maritime Europe Conference Highlights Trends and Initiatives Involving International Ship Managers’ Association, GVF Maritime SatCom Forum, Stark Moore Macmillan & Other Key Sector Players 

LONDON – Collaborative efforts to improve maritime operations with cutting-edge communications were advanced recently during Broadband Maritime Europe 2011, where the international shipping and broadband satellite communications industries began co-ordinating on training, regulatory and other shared priorities.

The multi-sector programme was highlighted at GVF Broadband Maritime Europe 2011: Expanding Communications – Networking Solutions to the Arctic Horizon, which took place over28th & 29th June at the Strand Palace Hotel, London, with the sponsorship support of such prestigious satellite communications industry leaders as Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, ASTRA2Connect, and Comtech EF Data.  Continue>

iDirect’s webinar about the new Standard edition of SatManage: a simplified software offering

Thank you for attending our SatManage Standard Webinar. If you were unable to attend you can watch and listen to the playback here.

During the webinar we discussed how to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your network operations
  • Enhance customer management by offering differentiated tools and services
  • Improve quality by identifying, solving  and preventing network degradation

Designed for mid-tier operators, the newly announced SatManage Standard is an out-of-the box software offering designed for satellite operators with small- to medium-sized network deployments.

To learn more please contact an iDirect Account Representative.

Sky-Stream Upgrades VSAT System With iDirect Evolution Product Line To Offer On-Demand TV Service For Luxury Yachts

Efficiency gains help satellite service provider multicast news and entertainment channels across the Middle East and Indian Ocean

Herndon, Va., July 20, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that SkyStream FZ LLC, a Dubai-based provider of connectivity and satellite service solutions, has launched an on-demand TV service based on iDirect’s Evolution product line. SkyStream recently upgraded its satellite system with Evolution, allowing it to increase bandwidth efficiency without disrupting service for existing iNFINITI customers by operating both Evolution and iNFINITI networks on the same iDirect hub. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.
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What is Data Visualization?

Denis SutherlandDealing with the Data Deluge
By Denis Sutherland

As everybody in the Satellite industry knows it’s not the signal that’s important, but the signal-to-noise ratio. But surprisingly this also applies to digital data storage as well as to analog transmission of waveforms.

The difference is the source of the “noise,” in a data storage environment noise is irrelevant data.   A small amount of noise may come from “natural” sources such as mistakes in data transmission and storage devices, which are still analog at their core.  But the vast majority of noise in databases is valid but useful or routine information. These include warnings, events, and routine messages…this is the data deluge.
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Innovation and Opportunity in the Satellite IP Market

When iDirect entered the market over a decade ago, satellite was a non-IP technology. Our innovation was to develop an IP-based system that mirrored the quality and reliability of terrestrial communications. This changed the very nature of what satellite was capable of achieving. iDirect helped transform satellite from a technology of last resort to a diverse solution that can handle core network applications and take broadband into the heart of critical business, military and public sector operations.

For service providers, this was a major deal. They now had the technology to build a high-quality service that could generate fresh demand for satellite connectivity. And this led to another iDirect innovation: we made it affordable for service providers to the get into the satellite market and grow a business.

iDirect developed a modular, universal satellite platform. The goal was to get service providers into the market at a minimal cost, while equipping them with the advanced technology they need to develop a reliable service and capture revenue quickly.
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iDirect: A new look at advanced satellite solutions for Smart Grid implementation


The core tenants of the Smart Grid are reliability, efficiency, security, economic value and environmental viability. As utilities move toward embracing what is being touted as the most comprehensive shift in the energy business model, questions abound on how to best beat the technological curve while keeping costs and reliability under control.

Expectations are high for this advanced energy sector, but it is also understood that grid modernization is a process. Utilities are seeking tools that can service the industry throughout the entire course of its move to the Smart Grid. Communication, reliability and remote access are crucial to basic operations before, during and after Smart Grid implementation. Progress is being made in offering new technologies to meet the multifaceted needs of the energy industry during this transformation, and one of the companies taking the lead is iDirect.

iDirect offers a Satellite IP-based Intelligent Platform for Smart Grid implementation for utilities that is broad enough to meet evolving needs and focused enough to address the critical aspects of implementing Smart Grid technologies.  Continue>

New iDirect Network Design iNDC 3.0 Training Class – Free!

Join us in our iDirect Network Design iNDC 3.0 training class. We have reworked and merged the iNDC and iS2 classes into a single class in order to streamline the presentation flow, and bring the Evolution® platform and the DVB-S2 outbound capability to the fore.

We have currently scheduled the following training dates:

  • Dubai: July 25 to 28
  • Johannesburg: Aug. 15 to 18
  • Eton/London: Aug. 22 to 25

The training is freereserve your seat here – and begins promptly at 9 a.m. each day.

Who should attend

The iDirect Network Design training is intended for our partners’ presales engineers, network designers and tender response groups to better understand the iDirect product capabilities, with a focus on product scalability, redundancy and reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness, and network design and dimensioning issues.
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iDirect Is Part Of Smart Grid Dream Team


In our Smart Grid Dream Team Challenge you had your chance to propose a merger of two companies you think should be joined at the smart grid hip. Our editors pared the nominations to the selection that appears below; the words are those of the person who suggested the match. Check them out and then vote for the union you think could create the ultimate smart grid dream team.

  • GE and Silver Spring Networks — Two companies I see so closely aligned in terms of competency, compatibility, and vision that some may already view the demarcation line between them as being dotted rather than solid leads to my “Dream Team” nomination… GE and Silver Spring Networks. (More about GE smart grid)
  • Ambient and Cisco — Utilities Telecom Council gave Ambient Corp. a Top Smart Grid Award this year and Cisco could take them to new levels with a merger. (More about Cisco smart grid)
  • GE and Infrax Systems — GE should buy Infrax Systems.  They have a team of heavyweights … they have solutions that are recommended by several government agencies and keep upgrading to stay on top.
  • Silver Spring Networks and iDirect — I would suggest that a ROCKING pairing would be Silver Spring Networks and iDirect.  SSN still represents the “smartest guys in the room” approach to smart grid integration; and iDirect has the best next-gen satellite technology… Brains and beauty (a.k.a. ubiquity).  What’s not to like?

Successful SEVSAT communication network upgrade

Ship EquipShip Equip has carried out a major upgrade to ensure the continued network quality of the SEVSAT maritime communication system. The upgrade took place during week 17 and week 18 and involved the iDirect VSAT platform powering our SEVSAT solution.

Since the first SEVSAT installation was delivered in 2003, Ship Equip has been the world’s fastest growing VSAT provider, and today has close to 1000 systems on vessels in operation across a high number of networks. The number of vessels in a network varies, depending on location and traffic patterns. Some vessels are fairly stationary within a network; this is typically offshore vessels and short sea shipping vessels. Others constantly travel in between networks; this would typically be deep sea shipping vessels, offshore vessels being reassigned to new markets and fishing vessels following seasonal changes.
With the growing number of vessels and networks, the need to constantly organize and optimize networks has been ever increasing, to the point where Ship Equip decided to carry out the upgrade.  It will make it easier to tailor networks to specific vessel needs and sailing patterns, while improving the service towards the customers. Despite the extent and complexity of the upgrade very few problems were encountered.  Continue>

TechTalk: A Discussion With Greg Quiggle

From SatMagazine

With iDirect’s new TDMA and SCPC Return switching capability, service providers gain the flexibility to adjust service levels to meet dynamic application needs and changing traffic patterns, while maintaining an economical way to use total network capacity and optimize operational efficiencies.  Continue>