Our Evolution to New Performance, Efficiency and Scale

iDirect Evolution® is designed for a broad range of customer requirements, spanning any market, any network whether fixed or mobile. It’s one of the reasons why Evolution is the dominant TDMA hub platform in the market today, holding more than 55% market share.

Our customers continue to leverage the platform in new and innovative ways. Look no further than the great stories that our partners are sharing as part of the #MySatelliteEvolution, campaign.

At iDirect, our goal has always been to ensure that our partners can rely on their investment in Evolution to help them expand into new markets, extend their business and take advantage of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) opportunities in the most profitable way.

As such we are continuing to innovate on the Evolution platform, focusing on three key areas:

  • Remote performance
  • RF efficiencies
  • Scalability

Watch this video to learn about our growth plans:

Increased Remote Performance Recent advances in our Evolution X1 and X7 remotes are bringing new capabilities to serve both fixed and mobility markets. See for yourself how iDirect partners are leveraging the X7 to service the maritime markets. Now with the added capability of a second demod on the X7 in Evolution 3.3.3, partners can cost effectively overlay multicast applications in addition to their core offerings. The upcoming 9000 series remotes go even further. With significantly increased speeds for applications on land, air and sea, this series includes the rack-mountable 9350, integrated board levels 950mp and 980. These boards are designed for size, weight and power (SWaP) for easy integration into portable or aero enclosures.  An add-on military grade security TRANSEC module eases the certification process. These are just a few examples of how we are advancing our remote portfolio. You will be excited to hear that we are working to further innovate on our portfolio to push performance to new, unprecedented levels.

A New Level of RF Efficiency On the hub-side, we are innovating in a number of areas to optimize overall bandwidth efficiencies, increase network availability and allow you to leverage the performance benefits of HTS. With Evolution 3.2, iDirect introduced reduced outbound roll-off for tighter channel spacing (5% roll-off factor instead of the standard 20%) and advanced TDMA waveforms and adaptivity on the inbound. Now we are planning to take the RF efficiencies to a whole new level by introducing higher MODCODs such as 32APSK and enhanced FEC rates. We will be increasing our aggregate Msps rates on the in-and outbound, introduce new, more powerful line cards and be DVB-S2x-ready.

Next-Generation Scalability & Extensibility

All such performance improvements require better scalability and extensibility for long-term success. That leads us to the development of our next-generation network management system, iDirect Pulse™, to permit you to scale network sites exponentially and with web-based APIs to help integrate operations with other business systems for ease of management.

And we will continue to advance our market leadership position on the satellite IP side. With iDX 3.3.3 we introduced our Layer 2 over Satellite to allow you to integrate more seamlessly with telecommunications access technologies and to provide transparency across the entire network.

As you can see we have exciting plans to take performance, efficiency and scale to new levels—stay up-to-date with our blog as we will unveil more details on our plans in the weeks to come. And of course, watch as the “Evolution continues” on our #MySatelliteEvolution site.

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