OmniAccess Launches Broadbeam Ultra VSAT Service Based on iDirect Evolution Platform For Yachting Customers

20 Megabit service sets new standard of high-speed broadband for super- and mega- yachts

Herndon, Va., January 18, 2010 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that OmniAccess S.L., a leading communications provider to super and mega-yacht owners, has launched BroadBEAM Ultra, the latest addition to its line of maritime VSAT broadband services. The service is based on iDirect’s next-generation DVB-S2 Evolution platform, leveraging its maximum efficiency gains to offer unparalleled single-link speeds to yachting customers across the Caribbean and Mediterranean. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

OmniAccess’ BroadBEAM Ultra service is designed to meet the demands of super- and mega-yacht owners who are increasing their usage of next-generation, bandwidth-hungry applications such as IP-TV streaming and HD video-conferencing. While previous service standards usually peaked at 1-2 Mbps, BroadBEAM Ultra is engineered to be up to 20 times faster, setting a new standard as the fastest single-link maritime VSAT service available today. The service will be offered in tailored packages optimized for the yachting calendar – a 5-month, winter-season package for the Caribbean and a 6-month, summer-season package for the Mediterranean.

The new service is powered by iDirect’s Evolution platform, providing maximum efficiency gains and flexibility that enable OmniAccess to deliver high-speed satellite broadband at competitive fees. Earlier this year, OmniAccess migrated its customer base to iDirect’s next-generation platform by installing Evolution X5 satellite routers onboard their vessels. With the X5’s built-in support for high-speed, high-efficiency applications, customers can seamlessly upgrade to OmniAccess’ latest service offering without needing to purchase new hardware.

Evolution is based on iDirect’s Deterministic Time Division Multiple Access (D-TDMA) technology, enabling OmniAccess to flexibly support groups of yachting customers with shared bandwidth pools. By sharing capacity based on real-time demand, OmniAccess can avoid expensive, dedicated satellite links while ensuring that it meets each customer’s SLA. Further, advanced Group Quality of Service (GQoS) controls allow OmniAccess to intelligently allocate and prioritize bandwidth based on the specific needs of each vessel, and even among each application onboard.

“We’ve been using iDirect’s Evolution platform for several months and found it to be an exceedingly efficient and scalable solution for meeting our customers’ demands. What’s more, iDirect’s TAC technicians were instrumental in the development of our new service, helping us optimize settings on the Evolution X5 routers to enable BroadBEAM Ultra to reach new boundaries of performance.”

~ Bertrand HARTMAN
CEO, OmniAccess

“Yachting customers are a major driver behind satellite broadband’s maturity in the maritime industry, pushing their service providers to deliver higher speeds and more capacity for a growing number of new and more bandwidth-intensive applications at sea. By leveraging Evolution’s full capabilities, OmniAccess is able to offer a cutting-edge service that meets customer demands and increases its competitive advantage in the maritime market.”

 Regional Vice President, Europe, iDirect

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