iDX Patch Release and New Tech Bulletins Available

The iDX remote-only patch release is now available.

This patch resolves issues reported from the field. The issues concern:

  • Resolving the ability to SSH between iDirect remotes and other network devices
  • Resolving issues related to remotes being commanded offline in 3.2.x.x releases
  • Resolving the issue related to 27 MHz being enabled by default on X7 remotes

Details are now available in the 3.2.3.x release notes located on our Partner Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Three new technical bulletins available

iDirect TAC has three tech bulletins now available:

  • CPU usage increase when performing SSH
  • Process crash when processing specific  type of IGMP packets
  • X7 remotes have 27 MHz signal enabled by default in some 3.2.x. releases

Further details are included in the bulletins located on our Partner Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

If you have any questions, please contact the TAC at +1-703-648-8151 or contact

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