iDirect Velocity® Powers IntelsatOne® Flex

Today, Intelsat announced the launch of IntelsatOne Flex, a customizable, high-performance managed service that leverages Intelsat’s new Epic fleet of spot-beam satellites along with its existing global Ku-Band fleet.

IntelsatOne Flex offers service providers improved performance and coverage without the cost and complexities that come with managing hardware across multiple spot beams, required to incorporate HTS into their existing network infrastructure.

Service providers can easily and cost-effectively launch services across the maritime, aero and government verticals, offering their customers greater accessibility and improved economics through the use of smaller antennas.

The Intelsat offering will allow service providers to maintain control over their network by allowing them to continue to manage the customization, contention and prioritization of sub networks and end-user terminals with tiered Committed Information Rate (CIR) plans.

Powered by Velocity

IntelsatOne Flex uses iDirect Velocity®, a ground infrastructure platform designed for AllDiagramslarge-scale global HTS networks, which has been fully optimized for Intelsat EpicNG to provide scalability, performance and higher throughput.

Intelsat will use Velocity’s unique global bandwidth management feature to streamline and simplify the management of capacity across the entire Intelsat fleet of satellites, ensuring connectivity across multiple spot-beams. Velocity features very fast beam switching powering Intelsat’s Mobility flexibility.

Velocity’s optimized remote and hub processing capabilities enable significantly higher throughput rates necessary for meeting growing broadband demands across multiple markets.

Velocity allows satellite operators to protect the network from service degradation and ensuring maximum redundancy of their hub infrastructure investment is key to ensure enterprise class reliability on the managed mobility network

Managed by Pulse

IntelsatOne Flex is also powered by Pulse®, iDirect’s next-generation Network Management System (NMS) built for performance and scale. With Pulse, satellite operators and service providers can develop differentiated service offerings, create customized applications and system integration through open APIs, and provide visibility for real-time monitoring, tracking and adjustment of remote service levels.

Longstanding Partnership

IntelsatOne Flex service continues the partnership between Intelsat and iDirect. Intelsat’s Virtual Network Operator (VNO) model and the backwards compatibility of remotes like the X7 and the 9000 series means service providers can minimize operational costs associated with network infrastructure.

Velocity enables all business models and empowers Intelsat to extend its longstanding, successful VNO offering, which is based on iDirect’s technology, to HTS deployments. And this enables Intelsat’s existing customers to expand easily onto a global mobility platform.

Today ‘s announcement is a testimony to the value of iDirect’s Velocity platform. Velocity allows satellite operators like Intelsat – that require a ground infrastructure platform designed specifically around the unique attributes of HTS spot-beam architectures – to support their plans to offer managed services. Velocity enables HTS operators to quickly address market requirements for fixed and mobile applications with maximum flexibility and lowest risk.

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  2. Well done indeed.

    This is exactly what the HTS satellite communications business needs, enabling the genuine full participation by a multitude of service provider companies in both operational technical matters and talking directly with end user relations.

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