iDirect Network Upgrade Procedures and Release Notes

To ensure that iDirect’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) captures changes,  defect workarounds or other field issues, the Network Upgrade Procedures and Release Notes are updated quite frequently. However, it has been discovered that sometimes  folks download a version of a certain document and keep using it over and over. Partners need to be aware that this could be very dangerous, especially in the case of Network Upgrade Procedures (NUP). There have been critical updates to both 3.2.x.x and 3.3.x.x NUPs in the past few days/weeks and not using the most current version can cause serious upgrade issues.

It is strongly recommended that anytime you use a critical Release Document, please download the most current version from the TAC Web Page. This is especially important for Network Upgrade Procedures, Upgrade Surveys and Release Notes.

For questions, please contact our TAC.

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