High Throughput Solutions for High-Priority Defense Applications

As satellites with higher throughput capabilities come online, they bring tremendous promise to military networks – faster speeds for bandwidth-hungry applications like aerial surveillance, and greater bandwidth efficiency for increasingly cost-sensitive communications budgets.

iDirect's High Performance 9-Series Satellite Remotes

Bringing that capacity to market is the focus of iDirect’s latest product lineup, which it’s showcasing at the Global MilSatCom conference in London this week.

Stop by our booth at stand #17 to check out our latest products and hear first-hand how iDirect is advancing satellite connectivity for defense organizations worldwide.

iDirect 980The all-new lineup includes high-performance defense remotes. The 9-series remotes features the 9350 Satellite Router, the fastest iDirect TDMA remote to date, the 950mp Integrated Satellite Router Board for portable communications-on-the-move (COTM) solutions, the 980 Airborne Integrated Satellite Router Board, and the 9800AE and 9800AR Airborne Satellite Routers.

You can read more about the 9-series here.

The new defense remotes bring even greater performance and efficiency when they’re coupled with our next-generation Defense Line Cards, which are critical for operation in an environment of higher throughput satellite capacity coming online. The line cards feature FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security, an onboard TRANSEC module, and conformal coating. In addition, they deliver higher MODCODs and additional FEC rates to improve spectral efficiency in DVB-S2.

iDirect Defense Line CardsThe DLC-T (transmit line card) supports DVB-S2 45Msps. The DLC-R (return line card) supports aggregate symbol rates up to 29 Msps, and up to 16 channels for higher performance and efficiency. These efficiency gains permit greater throughput on the same amount of bandwidth to increase mission capability.

The mobility aspect within these new satellite capacities brings several new complexities, which iDirect has addressed with its Evolution® 3.5 release. These include faster beam switching to reduce the downtime by improving the acquisition time, as well a new Beam Switch API feature that allows a user to customize the beam switching algorithm to reduce congestion and prioritize preferred beams in order to improve overall beam switch time.

These features build on iDirect’s unparalleled leadership in mobility functionality, which includes:

  • Automatic Beam Selection that provides global connectivity with no manual intervention across multiple satellite footprints
  • Global NMS capabilities to monitor and manage each traveling remote, ensuring a consistent connection as it passes from network to network around the world
  • Spread Spectrum waveform technology for very small antennas on aircraft, maritime and land-based vehicles
  • And capabilities like Doppler compensation and fast reacquisition after blockage, as well as skew angle support

In all our defense products, security is paramount. iDirect’s new 9-series remotes are particularly valuable in this regard as they support dual-domain TRANSEC. This allows the remotes to maintain two separate sets of security certificates for two different TRANSEC networks simultaneously. One-way TRANSEC is a new feature that secures broadcast traffic from the hub to a network of receive-only remotes, while two-way TRANSEC is for both receive and transmit.

With our latest defense products, iDirect continues to raise the bar on performance, efficiency and security. We’re delivering on higher throughput satellites so that defense organizations can better deliver on their mission.

Learn more about iDirect’s innovations for defense organizations in the article, Three Fronts of Innovation for Government and Defense.

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