Find Your Best Path Forward to New Market Opportunities

iDirect - Your Intelligent Path ForwardiDirect’s next-generation innovations are forging the most intelligent path forward to new opportunities in a broad range of markets and applications.

But as opportunities are rising, so are market demands. Delivering highly customer-specific applications, keeping pace with the requirements for higher network speeds, and meeting performance expectations and demanding service levels isn’t easy.

Let us shed some light on how the innovations we’re delivering will enable you to better serve your existing markets today, manage operational and capital costs, create unique value for your customers and access more markets tomorrow.

Join us now in viewing 3 new short market features that provide an overview of what iDirect innovations will mean for your key markets today, such as: enterprise, financial services, education, defence and military, and mobility.

IPF-three-animations-playFrom Scalability to RF Efficiency to Remote Performance, come see a concise, high-level picture of the iDirect solution today, and tomorrow:

  • Next-generation, high-performing Universal Line Cards, compatible with both Evolution® and iDirect Velocity networks, are bringing greater throughput, higher MODCODs and DVB-S2X readiness, enabling growing markets like oil and gas, banking and long-distance education to capitalize on the increased throughputs enabled by HTS.
  • Embedded Computing (EC) remotes, a “single-box solution” series that enables partners to meet any specific market needs with the use of license-approved applications.
  • Major advances in remote performance to enable faster mobility and more applications; learn about the new:
    • 9-Series high performance remotes, the fastest TDMA remote in iDirect history, will be a game-changer for mobility applications and more.
    • CX780 aero remotes, architected specifically for operation on commercial aircrafts, features skew angle compensation to support aeronautical operations and antennas.
  • New Defense Line Cards, plus a highly portable 950mp, are strengthening the entire solution for tactical military missions.

What new market opportunities will you explore next? Start planning your path toward tomorrow’s growth. Join us at

Want to learn more? Find out where we are heading next when it comes to maximizing performance and efficiency in our new digital feature, “Dial it Up.”


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