Evolution Platform Upgrades: Enhanced Efficiency & Increased Business

In 2010, iDirect released the fourth major software upgrade to Evolution. With iDX 2.1, we have expanded the power of DVB-S2, delivering several new capabilities, such as faster data processing speeds for enhanced efficiency gains and network scalability improvements.

With more than 270 active Evolution networks running, our customers have experienced seamless network upgrades and are quickly reaping the benefits. What’s driving more and more service providers to Evolution is that it’s affording them a golden opportunity to launch cost-effective networks and, in turn, offer new services en route to increased business.

Here are a few of the latest service providers to join the Evolution revolution:

Infosat Communications LP, a leading global provider of satellite communications solutions, has upgraded its North American VSAT network with iDirect’s Evolution platform. It now has the capability to exceed customer demands for increased bandwidth and throughput, putting it in prime position to capture new market opportunities.

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting (TSBc), a regional satellite operator delivering services throughout Europe and the Middle East, has launched a next-generation satellite network based on the iDirect Evolution platform. TSBc can now support bandwidth-intensive applications while maximizing its space segment allowing it to grow at a more rapid pace.

GE Satcom, a leading provider of satellite communications services throughout EMEA, has unveiled the commercial launch of a satellite-based communications service for merchant vessel operators. To support the new service, GE Satcom is upgrading its current satellite infrastructure to iDirect’s Evolution product line. By doing so, they will gain a cost-effective IP broadband communications platform that can support its new service with dependable always-on connectivity.

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