Downstream Template Feature in iDX 3.2

Evolution X1, X7, and e150 Satellite Routers support the Downstream Template feature in Web iSite. This feature was introduced in iDX Release 3.2 as an option to speed commissioning of large numbers of remote sites by avoiding the requirement for the installer to obtain and manage a large number of individual options files. This feature also allows the Satellite Router to receive its remote software package over-the-air from the NMS as part of the commissioning procedure.

The Downstream Template contains the minimum information necessary to enable reception of the downstream carrier from the hub. Remote sites in the same network with identical LNB parameters can use a single Downstream Template file to enable reception on all the remotes in that network. Once the Downstream Template is loaded into Web iSite and the modem locks to the downstream carrier, the Network Operator uses iBuilder to download the remote software package and the remainder of the site-specific options data over-the-air from the NMS.

The Downstream Template file is produced by the Network Operator. It is a text file in JSON format that can be viewed and edited with a text editor such as Notepad. Downstream Template files must have the .json file extension in the file name. An example of an iDX 3.2 Downstream Template JSON file is shown here. The .json syntax is fully documented at


“frequency”: 12105.135,

“symbolRate”: 1200.0,

“rolloff”: 0.10,

“lnb”: {

“translation”: 13050.0,

“spectralInversion”: false,

“toneEnabled”: true,

“dcVoltage”: 19


“multicast”: {

“address”: “”,

“port”: 9.0,

“credentials”: 1



The following fields on the Downstream Configuration page of Web iSite are automatically completed when the template is loaded:

Under Downlink:

  • RF Center Frequency
  • Symbol Rate
  • Rolloff

Under LNB:

  • LO Frequency (“translation”)
  • Spectral Inversion
  • 22kHz Tone (enabled/disabled)
  • DC Voltage

Under Package Multicast:

  • IP Address
  • Port Number
  • Credentials (Not used in iDX 3.2)

Note: In the absence of a template file, the installer can enter this information manually into Web iSite, allowing the modem to lock to the downstream for over-the-air download without loading a template file. 

For additional information including the Network Operator procedures for pushing the software and configuration, see the Satellite Router Installation and Commissioning Guide.

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