Com & Com Select iDirect Evolution® To Power VSAT Service In Myanmar

Service provider targets growing enterprise, banking and government markets with Ku-band service

Herndon, Va., December 5, 2016 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology and a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Com & Com has selected the iDirect Evolution platform to launch a new Ku-band satellite service in Myanmar. Com & Com is a joint venture between satellite service providers OSB Investment and Technology Joint Stock Company (OSB JSC) and Terabit Wave Company, Ltd. With the iDirect-based service, Com & Com will deliver high-speed satellite connectivity to organizations across Myanmar’s enterprise, banking and government sectors.

Myanmar is home to more than 60 million people, many of whom are located in rural and remote regions of the country. Couple this with the fact that few cities are connected to the fiber network, and you have an ideal case for using satellite connectivity in order to bridge the digital divide. Com & Com has set up an iDirect hub in the region to deliver high-quality voice and data services over Ku-band satellite, such as VoIP, VPN internet access, streaming media and data backup. For government agencies, the service will provide secure, private networking from any location, integrating agency operations.

“While Myanmar continues to become a fast-growing area of opportunity for voice and data connectivity, a majority of the country’s population remains out of reach of the core fiber network,” says Theingi Lin, Managing Director, Com & Com. “Satellite technology helps to extend that reach, and iDirect Evolution provides a level of efficiency and scalability that ensures our VSAT service can always grow to meet the dynamic needs of the market. Further, the iDirect platform strongly positions Com & Com for long-term growth with the ability to service a wide range of markets and minimize operational and capital costs.”

“Myanmar is a region on the cusp of strong economic growth, which must be fueled by making connectivity widely available and highly affordable across the country,” says Hong Son Nguyen, CEO, OSB JSC. “Satellite connectivity will provide core communications infrastructure to companies and government agencies across the nation. And companies like iDirect and Com & Com are making satellite as fast and reliable as traditional fiber or cellular service.”

“We are excited to extend our long-standing relationship with OSB Investment Technology as it launches a new Ku-band VSAT service in Myanmar as part of its joint-venture company Com & Com,” says John Arnold, Regional Vice President, Asia-Pacific, iDirect. “Through this service, the citizens of Myanmar will experience unprecedented levels of opportunity, and we believe that by using our iDirect Evolution platform, Com & Com can deliver the quality of service necessary to meet all expectations.”

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