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DataDrill Communications Upgrades to Evolution® 3.3

Software upgrade and X7 remotes help service provider boost network throughput and increase network availability in oil and gas, and expand into new markets

iDirect has announced that DataDrill Communications Inc., a provider of high-speed voice and data services, has upgraded to iDirect Evolution® 3.3 software. This software upgrade, along with the deployment of X7 remotes, will allow DataDrill Communications to meet high-bandwidth requirements and increase overall network performance in core markets like oil and gas, as well as pursue opportunities in new markets across the globe. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

DataDrill Communications’ customers in oil and gas require high-performance capabilities as they monitor onshore communications services such as voice, data and real-time applications. With the upgrade to iDX 3.3, DataDrill Communications will leverage Adaptive TDMA (ATDMA) to design and operate their network based on the capabilities of each terminal and optimally configure the return channel in order to match the conditions of over-the-air links, as well as the constraints of each terminal, allowing DataDrill to boost their network throughput and increase network availability.

This latest upgrade and the deployment of X7 remotes are critical as DataDrill Communications expands into new bandwidth-intensive markets such as mining, government and emergency response. The X7’s DVB-S2 demod chip, along with the waveform enhancements contained within iDX 3.3, helps to improve network performance and throughput. With the added performance boost of the X7, DataDrill Communications can further differentiate into new markets by offering enhanced service plans. Read More

L2oS Video Series #9: The End-to-End Solutions Lab

Since customers need to implement new network architectures to take advantage of all the opportunities Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) can support, iDirect has launched the End-to-End Solutions Lab to provide the necessary support and guidance.

This special Layer 2 networking lab is dedicated to testing various service cases and then producing documentation, called iDirect Verified Designs, so customers can adopt best practices when deploying L2oS networks. In the coming months, expect to see iDirect release more information about these iDirect Verified Designs as the End-to-End Solutions Lab makes progress testing the architectures that will help customers get to market quicker.

iDirect Partner Paradigm Announces Availability of Ka-Band Bundles

Blog-sandbergSatellite communications solution provider and iDirect partner Paradigm recently announced the availability of a High Stability Oscillator (HSO) Ka-Band Evolution® Bundle. These bundles, which include the iDirect X1 remote, offer a fully integrated and competitively priced package to resellers and service providers operating with a Ka-band service. We sat down with Ulf Sandberg, Managing Director, Paradigm, to discuss these bundles, the support to customers of Avanti and Telenor, the relationship with iDirect and the satellite market going forward.

iDirect: Please describe the relationship between Paradigm and iDirect.

Sandberg: At Paradigm, our expertise is in the design and delivery of satellite terminals and Earth stations, providing single units to complete turnkey solutions, including full management and control solutions. For more than 15 years we have partnered with iDirect to incorporate their market-leading technology into our portfolio of solutions. By working with best-in-class technology providers like iDirect, we are able to provide the most complete and cutting-edge solutions that fit the complex needs of satellite customers today.

All of our engineers are trained on the latest iDirect technology, which allows us to supply Ka-band systems with outstanding expertise, thereby targeting our customer’s needs and requirements to specific solutions.

iDirect: What is Paradigm delivering with the KA-Band Evolution Bundle?

Sandberg: The HSO Bundle is a one-piece 98cm Ka-band antenna with a 3W Ka-band transceiver and feed horn combination, coupled with iDirect’s X1 remote. This creates a Ka-band terminal that we believe truly hits the sweet spot of data transfer and service cost for customers today. Read More

L2oS Video Series #8: Extending Radio Area Networks

Cellular 3G and 4G technologies are enabling carriers to bring advanced data access to millions of people across developing countries. As carriers seek to expand coverage beyond urban centers, satellite serves as a cost-effective and rapid method of establishing macro and micro cell sites in remote and rural locations.

iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) becomes foundational to delivering cellular backhaul, allowing carriers to extend radio area networks all the way to the satellite edge. L2oS enables transparent transport of native 3GPP technologies, so carriers can seamlessly blend satellite networks with established Layer 2 cellular infrastructure. L2oS also supports the iDirect SatHaul™ solution, designed for optimizing cellular traffic for higher reliability for voice and data services.

L2oS Video Series #7: Enabling MPLS Extension

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) has become a foundational backbone to telecommunication providers. It speeds packets through the core network and improves quality of service.

iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) allows extension of MPLS services all the way to the edge of the satellite network by transport through over-the-air Ethernet links. By using L2oS, service providers can expand their carrier grade networks and more easily deploy managed services to the end user.

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Our Partners Connecting the World with iDirect Evolution®

Using iDirect Evolution® our partners continue to address new opportunities and push the boundaries of satellite connectivity around the globe.

Education, social and economic conditions are being improved daily as satellite extends into rural and remote locations. Customers serving maritime, oil and gas, education and more are leveraging the technology in new ways. We’ve heard your stories through our #MySatelliteEvolution campaign and have been inspired by the growth in all markets and applications.

Today there are nearly 1,200 iDirect Evolution® networks in service and roughly 200,000 iDirect Evolution® remote deployed globally. And there are countless other stories waiting to be told. Join our Twitter campaign, #MySatelliteEvolution, and help educate others on these success stories and the power of satellite connectivity.

Here’s a look at some of the latest #MySatelliteEvolution stories:

LBiSat has helped the Kay Anj Village in Haiti come online and gain access to long-distance education opportunities. The service provider worked with non-profit organization, Helping Haitian Angels (HHA), which provides education to children from pre-Kindergarten to sixth grade, and iDirect to bring satellite connectivity to this remote location. As a result, the school was able to increase their enrollment by 42% in one year.

Axesat has been able to react to the immediate needs of retail, infrastructure, finance, and oil and gas businesses across Latin America using satellite. As these markets are currently growing by 40-50%, they leveraged the iDirect Remote Commissioning Solution to quickly commission over 1,500 remotes.

Airbus Defense and Space/Marlink and Orange Business Services are collaborating with iDirect to address areas where we can address the demand for higher throughput and more efficient services in the maritime market. The Maritime market is booming as crew members, passengers, rig workers, and military require higher bandwidth and better mobility, both of which are addressed through their deployment of iDirect Evolution®. Read More

L2oS Video Series #6: Using Satellite for Backup Services

The occasional failure of fiber Internet links can become very costly. Especially in high-value settings such as retail, where sales are lost if credit cards are not processed. Satellite is able to solve this problem and boost availability in a cost effective manner.

iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) enables real-time backup by transporting routing protocols all the way to customer edge routers for seamless handover of service if the primary terrestrial link fails. And with satellite terminals installed and ready for backup at each site, service providers can take advantage of iDirect’s Layer 3 Multicast Fastpath to efficiently distribute optimized data across all the sites, such as HD broadcast, IPTV, and digital signage.

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Fall in Love with London

Dave DavisDave Davis, Sr. Systems Engineer, iDirect Europe

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning a spectacular range of colours. Or is that colors? And Global MilSatcom once again comes to London. Walking along the Thames embankment is a real pleasure this time of year, the crisp mornings, the autumn sun on your back. Or is that the Fall sun? Working for a U.S. company in Europe comes with a particular challenge in language; the U.S. and UK are said to be divided by a common language.

The Global MilSatcom conference welcomes all languages, including quite a few versions of English. Day one promises an update on the European perspective, whilst day two focusses on the Americas and day three provides the opportunity for all of the other countries to showcase their particular opportunities and challenges.

London Oct 14

Autumn in London

It is without doubt, one of the biggest annual events to meet with the global community within the MilSatcom world. Everyone who’s anyone will be there. There’ll be some interesting speakers, some new technologies, and some technological and commercial announcements. Above all there’ll be some priceless networking opportunities that rarely come along, including the highlight for me, the Airbus event on the evening of day two. Read More

iDirect to Begin Testing iDirect Velocity™ Ground Infrastructure on Inmarsat-5 F3 Satellite

With iDirect Velocity™ in full operation on Inmarsat-5 F1& F2 satellites, next round of rigorous testing readies Global Xpress for full commercial service

Herndon, Va., October 27, 2015 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that it will begin the final leg of an ambitious rollout program of its iDirect Velocity™ ground infrastructure platform to support Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) satellite fleet. iDirect will start over-the-air testing of iDirect Velocity™ on the Inmarsat-5 F3 satellite. The initiative follows the successful Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Over-the-Satellite Acceptance Testing (OSAT) of iDirect Velocity™ on Inmarsat-5 F1 and F2 satellites, as well as Site Acceptance Testing at Inmarsat’s GX earth stations, ready for GX global service introduction.

Inmarsat’s GX service is being introduced as the world’s first seamless, globally available platform for high-speed, Ka-band satellite connectivity services provided through a single operator. GX will be accessible to users worldwide and is targeted at both the mobility and fixed markets.

iDirect is providing Inmarsat with the first deployment of its iDirect Velocity™ platform, including the core features that enable GX’s unique broadband mobility capabilities. Through the iDirect Velocity™ global bandwidth management system, Inmarsat can integrate capacity across multiple spot beams to deliver seamless broadband connectivity and provide tiered service options to its distribution partners. The iDirect Velocity™ platform’s high-speed infrastructure, including the core remote module technology that powers GX terminals, allows Inmarsat to offer broadband connectivity that is up to 100 times faster than Inmarsat’s existing L-band constellations. And iDirect Velocity™ ensures carrier-class redundancy to protect Inmarsat’s worldwide network reliability. Read More

L2oS Video Series #5: Bringing Services to the Edge

Delivering complex services requires fully integrated networks and clear visibility of customer end sites.

iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) within the Evolution® platform achieves high levels of integration and visibility through transparent transport of protocols. Whether the goal is providing managed services through BGP routing, supporting multi-tenant capabilities with MPLS extension, or backhauling cellular traffic through the Evolved Package Core (EPC) framework, a service provider can rely upon L2oS to carry a wide variety of protocols to the edge of the network.

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