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iDX 3.0 Overview Presentation

Satellite 2011’s Quality of Service (QoS) Program

The Satellite 2011 pre-conference program featured a session on “Quality of Service.” Panel members included three iDirect customers ( CapRock, Globecomm and RigNet ), an independent consultant, and VP of networking from Hughes. Three key points came out of the panel discussion:

First was a reminder that not all elements of a network apply QoS in the same way and operators need to be knowledgeable of all elements in their network. Often they will need to work closely with equipment vendors, particularly their satellite equipment vendors, to ensure proper end-to-end operation of QoS in their network.

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LIVE From Satellite 2011 – iDX 3.0 & SatManage!

We are live at Satellite 2011! Earlier today, Greg Quiggle gave a presentation on iDX 3.0, iDirect’s soon-to-be-released software that brings TDMA and SCPC together for the first time on one platform. Mike Patullo also presented SatManage, our award-winning operations support system (OSS). Both sessions were very well attended. To catch these demos tomorrow, come by the iDirect booth #709 at 11:30am and 2:30pm for iDX 3.0 and 12:30pm and 3:30pm for SatManage. 

Come join us today from 4-6pm for our iDX 3.0 Preview Party in meeting room 209C to learn more about iDX 3.0 and meet the team behind this landmark release. Get your admission ticket from any iDirect representative at the show. 

Visit us at booth #709 all week to learn more about our exciting announcements!

iDirect Integrates TDMA and SCPC Onto A Single Platform

Economic game changer for service providers creates new revenue streams, yields network-wide cost savings
Herndon, Va., March 14, 2011
– VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems Inc. (VT Systems), today announced a ground-breaking addition to its IP satellite communications platform: SCPC Return Channel technology. The capability is available through iDirect’s iDX 3.0 software and enables service providers to manage TDMA and SCPC networks over the same platform. SCPC Return Channel was developed to equip service providers with the flexibility they require today to support dynamic customer networks, and will enable them to capture new revenue opportunities and lower operational costs. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

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Coming Soon: iDX 3.0 Brings TDMA and SCPC Together

Together at last! iDirect’s new iDX 3.0 software brings TDMA and SCPC together on one platform for the first time to bring new opportunities for network operators. 

By adding the capability of an Evolution remote to operate in either TDMA or SCPC mode, operators gain the flexibility to adapt to heavier periods of traffic with SCPC and then return to TDMA mode for shared efficiency. This results in cost savings from having to operate two separate networks as well as efficient use of bandwidth capacity. The new SCPC Return Channel feature can be added to any iDirect Evolution network through a simple software upgrade and works over iDirect’s multi-channel hub line cards. 

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iDX 2.3 Sneak Preview: TRANSEC is Even Better

iDX 2.3 is coming!

This latest software addition to our iDX series, iDX 2.3, offers defence and government customers DVB-S2 TRANSEC over Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) and Transmit Keyline, along with FIPS 140-2 compliancy. Combining TRANSEC with DVB-S2/ACM creates a robust, secure and efficient TRANSEC solution. Transmit Keyline enables an e850mp powered terminal to conserve power by turning off its BUC’s Power Amplifier (PA) on a burst-by-burst basis. Read More

Bentley Walker has completed a successful evaluation of SatManage

BentleyWalkerSatManage is a comprehensive suite of web-based software modules designed to help satellite communications operators like Bentley Walker efficiently automate, monitor and integrate large, hybrid networks and Network Operating Center (NOC)-based applications. As one of the largest VSAT network operators in Europe, Bentley Walker is looking for a way to streamline its network management operations by integrating disparate systems and automating NOC functions. As Bentley Walker grows, it becomes increasingly important for the company to monitor and protect its Service Level Agreements (SLAs) so it can meet customer expectations and continue to add new customers. This is especially critical for the high-profile customers including international defense agencies and large enterprises.

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iDirect’s SatManage Network Management Software Earns Satellite Spotlight Product Of The Year Award

Web-based product suite recognized for outstanding innovation

Herndon, Va., February 22, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a subsidiary of VT Systems Inc. (VT Systems), proudly announced that its SatManage network management solution is the recipient of Satellite Spotlight’s 2010 Product of the Year Award. SatManage is a comprehensive suite of Web-based software tools for satellite service providers designed to enable automation, monitoring and integration of hybrid networks and Network Operating Center (NOC)-based applications. The Satellite Spotlight Product of the Year Awards recognize companies that have proven their commitment to quality and excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

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SatManage SLA Manager Tool: Simplified Reporting

Denis SutherlandBy Denis Sutherland,

Earlier we told you about Service Level Agreements and why they are crucial to your business.

Now we’re going to discuss running SLA reports, which is one part of managing your SLAs. Reports are important because they define the minimum service above which the servicer delivered is deemed acceptable. SLA reports document the service provider’s adherence against contractual obligations. Therefore, the reports are often less detailed than performance reports used by network operators.

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iDirect Previews the Launch of iDX 3.0