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SatManage SLA Manager Tool: Simplified Reporting

Denis SutherlandBy Denis Sutherland,

Earlier we told you about Service Level Agreements and why they are crucial to your business.

Now we’re going to discuss running SLA reports, which is one part of managing your SLAs. Reports are important because they define the minimum service above which the servicer delivered is deemed acceptable. SLA reports document the service provider’s adherence against contractual obligations. Therefore, the reports are often less detailed than performance reports used by network operators.

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iDirect Previews the Launch of iDX 3.0

Evolution Platform Upgrades: Enhanced Efficiency & Increased Business

In 2010, iDirect released the fourth major software upgrade to Evolution. With iDX 2.1, we have expanded the power of DVB-S2, delivering several new capabilities, such as faster data processing speeds for enhanced efficiency gains and network scalability improvements.

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