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IT Automation with SatManage

Denis SutherlandBy Denis Sutherland, Systems Engineering Manager, iDirect

IT automation enables you to relieve humans of monotonous, even dangerous tasks, reduce costs and errors. A big challenge that network operators face is dealing with day-to-day operations, which can include unforeseen emergencies. Instead of spending the better part of your day responding to these unanticipated events, why not look instead to an automated network management system?

An automated system can enable your business and your customers’ systems to run smoother. You can anticipate outages and upgrades, improve response time, reduce errors, and allow your staff to work on other projects while the network runs itself. This technology is not new, but many network managers are turning to IT automation to create a more efficient and cost-effective environment.

SatManage, SLAs, and Automated NMS

As networks become more complex, they can become costly to manage and upkeep, not to mention the amount of man hours involved. With Service Level Agreements (SLA) becoming more stringent, you may find yourself with less time to react to any issues. IT Automation can ensure a timely response before a huge problem may arise, and is a way for you to assure your customers that you have the ability to keep their networks running with little or no downtime.

Our automated Network Management System (NMS), run via SatManage, a suite of web-based software tools for the automation, monitoring and integration of hybrid networks and NOC-based applications, can help you.
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New iDirect Hub And Services To Provide Reliable Connectivity For Tanzania And East Coast Africa

From TMCnet

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,  At a customer launch seminar held in parallel with the Connecting Rural Communities (CRC) Africa 2011 conference in Dar es Salaam today, Vizada Networks will unveil new connectivity services based on the implementation of a sophisticated iDirect hub at its established facility in the Tanzanian capital.

The cost-effective services made possible by the new hub will be based on the leading satcoms and telecommunications specialist’s next generation shared connectivity solution, Viznet Dynamic, and are designed to enable reliable internet connectivity to and from towns and villages in Tanzania and along the east coast of Africa, where terrestrial telecoms may be unreliable or non-existent.

The new Viznet Dynamic services are primarily aimed at organisations and businesses having branches in the Eastern Africa region who want to connect to Dar es Salaam, directly. Using iDirect DVB-S2/ACM satellite technology in addition to Vizada Networks’ proprietary technology, Viznet Dynamic delivers a secure, reliable broadband connection regardless of location or local environment.  Continue>

Exciting News on iDirect iDX 3.0


Using satellite communications, customers face an ironic challenge when it comes to growth. The more satellite IP networks are adopted for core business communications, the more these networks can become difficult and costly to support.

While it’s ironic, the logic is simple. Greater reliability leads to greater volumes of network traffic and more dynamic applications.

The solution lies on two fronts: efficiency and flexibility. Bentley Walker are committed to investing in our iDirect Evolution networks to ensure efficient allocation of satellite capacity and to ensure  our platforms are able to adjust to customer demand trends.

The industry in general has recently seen several key innovations that have enabled Bentley Walker to increase bandwidth efficiency and offer better value to our customers. . The most significant of these was the introduction of DVB-S2. But a longer list of technologies– such as Adaptive Coding and Modulation, 2D 16-State inbound coding and Adaptive TDMA (all operating on Bentley Walker networks) is helping making our satellite networks much more efficient.  Continue>

iDirect’s webinar about the new Standard edition of SatManage: a simplified software offering

Thank you for attending our SatManage Standard Webinar. If you were unable to attend you can watch and listen to the playback here.

During the webinar we discussed how to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your network operations
  • Enhance customer management by offering differentiated tools and services
  • Improve quality by identifying, solving  and preventing network degradation

Designed for mid-tier operators, the newly announced SatManage Standard is an out-of-the box software offering designed for satellite operators with small- to medium-sized network deployments.

To learn more please contact an iDirect Account Representative.

Sky-Stream Upgrades VSAT System With iDirect Evolution Product Line To Offer On-Demand TV Service For Luxury Yachts

Efficiency gains help satellite service provider multicast news and entertainment channels across the Middle East and Indian Ocean

Herndon, Va., July 20, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that SkyStream FZ LLC, a Dubai-based provider of connectivity and satellite service solutions, has launched an on-demand TV service based on iDirect’s Evolution product line. SkyStream recently upgraded its satellite system with Evolution, allowing it to increase bandwidth efficiency without disrupting service for existing iNFINITI customers by operating both Evolution and iNFINITI networks on the same iDirect hub. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.
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TechTalk: A Discussion With Greg Quiggle

From SatMagazine

With iDirect’s new TDMA and SCPC Return switching capability, service providers gain the flexibility to adjust service levels to meet dynamic application needs and changing traffic patterns, while maintaining an economical way to use total network capacity and optimize operational efficiencies.  Continue>

The University Of The South Pacific Upgrades Regional Campus Network With iDirect’s Evolution Platform

University improves network efficiency and stability; scales service to support future Ku-band deployment

Herndon, Va., June 22, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that the University of the South Pacific (USP), a regional institution owned by the governments of 12 countries, has switched its VSAT service to iDirect’s Evolution platform. With Evolution, USP is equipped to improve the efficiency, stability and scalability of its network, which provides Internet access, course management applications, and video and audio conferencing services to its campuses.  USP has purchased an iDirect 5IF satellite hub as well as Evolution X3 and X5 remote routers. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Since 2000, USP has owned and operated USPNet, its regional satellite network that keeps its 12 campuses across the South Pacific connected. As USPNet grew, several stability and efficiency issues began to affect its performance. During high-congestion periods, for example, the quality of individual services suffered, including Internet, video conferencing and the course management system relied on by students and faculty. This, coupled with the network’s limited bandwidth capacity, prevented USPNet from effectively expanding or meeting the needs of its users.
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iDirect Launches New Standard Edition of SatManage

Simplified software offering targeted at mid-tier operators looking to optimize network operations and enhance customer management

Herndon, Va., June 20, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced it has released a new software edition for its award-winning SatManage system. SatManage Standard is a simplified, out-of-the-box software offering designed for satellite operators with small to mid-tier network deployments that want to improve their operations, grow their business and increase customer loyalty. Like the Enterprise edition, SatManage Standard includes a powerful suite of Web-based software tools that integrate, monitor and automate satellite networks and Network Operations Center (NOC)-based applications. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

SatManage Standard is specifically designed for mid-tier operators that have networks with up to 1,000 VSATs and less complex requirements for mobile remotes and extended reporting. SatManage Standard provides all the key functionality in the Enterprise edition, but without the extra mobility and traffic analysis features that are not relevant for smaller, fixed deployments. If an operators’ network size or complexity becomes large enough, they can easily upgrade from the Standard edition to the Enterprise edition.
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iDX 3.0 Software – Now Available!

iDX 3.0 Software




The wait is over – iDirect’s iDX 3.0 Software has launched!

Learn about our latest iDX 3.0 software that provides you with the ability to succeed in any industry, with any networking configuration.

  • TDMA and SCPC on the same platform for the first time
  • Improved hub scalability with multi-channel demod
  • Support for growing multicast services
  • Optimize your iDirect networks while enabling new service revenues

There has never been a better time to upgrade!  Please contact your iDirect sales representative for more information and visit the iDX 3.0 Software section on our website.

Register now for the iDX 3.0 Launch Webinar
When:  Tuesday, Jun 21, 10-11am EST
Host:  Tom Howell, Director Product Management

Optimize your Network with XipLink and iDirect

iDirect recently introduced XipLink XA appliances to its product portfolio to provide IP optimization. This was led by the introduction of XipLink Hub Optimizations (XHO) for single-sided compression for web traffic, but there are more benefits from two-way solutions that bracket both sides of the iDirect network. One benefit is optimizing your VoIP and other UDP, using Xiplink Real Time or XRT, to save up to 50% bandwidth and increase the scale of your iDirect network.  These bandwidth savings are achieved without compromising voice quality, which is critical in ensuring user satisfaction. 

XipLink Real Time (“XRT”) is an optimization capability that compresses headers, and coalesces and prioritizes VOIP and UDP for significantly more bandwidth and packet efficiency. XRT optimizes any small IP packets, in particular VoIP, and Skype or other UDP/TCP applications.  Benefits are not just bandwidth reduction, but a dramatic drop in the PPS through the network for increased scalability; plus, it works in coordination with the iDirect GQoS solution.

XRT first uses Robust Header Compression (ROHC), the most modern technique for header compression.  It has the ability to compress IP, UDP and RTP headers.  A typical VOIP call will be reduced from 40 bytes (IP/UDP/RTP) of header to six or less with ROHC. 
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