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Communication Networks Play Central Role for Smart Grid Initiatives

Energy and utility companies around the globe are undertaking new initiatives to modernize the way they offer and deliver services to their customers. Advances in technology have created a new way for computing and communications to be integrated into the grid in ways that were never possible with older technologies. The new smart grid will provide a more reliable, secure and cost-effective way to generate, transmit and distribute power to consumers.

Communication networks play a central role in the development and reach of smart grid initiatives. The move to IP-based applications for security, operations and two-way data exchange creates a new level of interaction between utilities and their customers. Many communication technologies will have an impact on the development of the smart grid, and satellite communications plays a complementary role helping to increase the reach and reliability of the communications infrastructure.

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iDirect Introduces New Features For Defense And Government Customers

iDX 2.3 software upgrade offers improved security and advancements in mobility and hardware capabilities

Herndon, Va., March 29, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that it has expanded its government and defense feature set. The iDX 2.3 release expands iDirect’s TRANSEC security capabilities, adds new FIPS 140-2 Level 2-compliant remote and line cards capable of supporting multiple return channels, and introduces a new feature that extends the battery life of portable satellite terminals. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

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Satellite 2011’s Maritime Focused Session

Satellite 2011 hosted a maritime-focused track on Monday afternoon, March 14. iDirect was heavily featured during these sessions, which included Christian Bergan, our maritime expert, participating in one of the panel discussions on maritime satcom strategies.

The first session’s focus was on the different hardware suppliers and satellite operators supporting the maritime industry. Moderated by Simon Bull from Comsys and the Chairman of the GVF Satcom Forum, Bull asked a number of different questions to his panelists that included participants from iDirect, Intellian, Intelsat, Hughes, SatProf, Inmarsat and Eutelsat. A number of discussions centered on topics including current and future market trends, commoditization, implementing satcoms during the new build process, and finally around educating the shipping market about what to ask when evaluating a satcom service.

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Cellular Backhaul Webinar Ready for Playback

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, iDirect held a webinar, “Cellular Backhaul in Today’s Environment” with iDirect’s Director, Verticals Marketing, Richard Deasington. In case you missed it, you can watch it here:

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Maritime broadband is going to receive some proprietary “goodness”

From SatNews Daily, February 25, 2011

Vizada has launched Pharostar™, its proprietary VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) fixed satellite communications service and the latest addition to its maritime broadband portfolio. The new Pharostar VSAT service will help meet increasing market demand for high-performance broadband connectivity at sea. Based on iDirect technology, the service provides standard IP data speeds of 1024 kbps for multiple applications such as internet, email and VoIP.

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Cellular Backahul – Profitable & Scalable


Satellite technology is an important part of enabling mobile operators to broaden their customer base as they try to expand their business into more remote and rural regions of the world. Satellite Evolution EMEA focuses on satellite cellular backhaul to see how it is helping communities and making revenue for mobile operators.

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Cellular Backhaul Does It All: Saving Money to Increasing Reliability

Richard DeasingtonBy Richard Deasington, Director of Vertical Marketing

Over the past three years, cellular backhaul, using iDirect D-TDMA, has become the market-leading IP VSAT solution for linking cellular base stations back to their controllers mostly for GSM (with GPRS and EDGE data). However, we are seeing an increase interest in 3G and have several proof on concepts currently running.

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Adopting Satellite for the Smart Grid

By Michel Zimet
iDirect Director, Vertical Marketing, Energy and Utilities

Utility companies worldwide are investing in smart grid strategies to make their current electrical grid infrastructure more intelligent, reliable and efficient. The smart grid offers many advantages, such as lowering costs by automating monitoring and management functions, gathering data in real time to help prevent outages as well as to tackle them more quickly, and improving effectiveness via monitoring and optimizing energy usage.

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