Building True Service Agility Across Your Network: What You Need to Know

The ability to offer high-speed data rates and make efficient use of bandwidth is essential to meeting rising customer expectations. But today it takes more than that ─ it means enabling dynamic, flexible services that can be turned on rapidly and adjusted on demand across the entire global network. iDirect provides the technology building blocks to support true service agility at every point in the process from network implementation to unified services to optimized service fulfillment.

Learn more in our latest Digital Preview Feature “Plug In, Play On.”  


Plug In, Play On: Check out new iDirect innovations that will bring you true service agility.

In our latest Preview Feature you’ll see how iDirect innovations are enabling dynamic service delivery that will lead toward higher revenue, lower operational costs and greater overall opportunity.  

  • See how new Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) is expanding flexibility in how networks are built, enabling greater integration of satellite connectivity into the end-to-end delivery model.
  • Learn more about how iDirect Verified Designs are ensuring that services and functionality on the satellite side successfully carry through on the terrestrial side.
  • Watch how iDirect’s Embedded Computing (EC) remotes series combines iDirect technology with best-in-class third-party applications to create a powerful one-box solution to support greater capabilities from a single remote site.
  • Learn more about the full-featured RESTful based Web service API. See how APIs make it possible to optimize service fulfillment through seamless integration with business operations and network orchestration.
  • Discover how our high-output virtualized hub infrastructure (iDirect Intelligent Gateway) opens the door to adding more capabilities to your network, allowing you to build out massive networks faster and more cost-effectively.  

Now’s the time to be sure you have the right pieces in place to build greater service agility across your global network. Join us at

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