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iDirect at CommunicAsia 2011

iDirect at CommunicAsia 2011

iDirect’s team has been in Singapore this week attending one of the world’s largest satellite shows, CommunicAsia 2011. Traffic at the show has been fantastic; our VIP customer reception hosted over 80 customers and we’ve seen a lot of interest and excitement from regional and global operators around our newly release iDX 3.0 and SatManage Standard editions. 

The iDX3.0 demo garnered quite a lot of interest- the SCPC Return feature resonated with many as a way to cost effectively manage their customer’s varying bandwidth requirements and heavy traffic, without having to invest in a dedicated SCPC platform.  SatManage Standard edition really attracted some of our more regional service provider as they quickly deploy SatManage Standard to improve their operations, grow their business and increase customer loyalty.  Join us for a special webinar on July 20 at 10 a.m. EST as we present SatManage Standard. 
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The University Of The South Pacific Upgrades Regional Campus Network With iDirect’s Evolution Platform

University improves network efficiency and stability; scales service to support future Ku-band deployment

Herndon, Va., June 22, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that the University of the South Pacific (USP), a regional institution owned by the governments of 12 countries, has switched its VSAT service to iDirect’s Evolution platform. With Evolution, USP is equipped to improve the efficiency, stability and scalability of its network, which provides Internet access, course management applications, and video and audio conferencing services to its campuses.  USP has purchased an iDirect 5IF satellite hub as well as Evolution X3 and X5 remote routers. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

Since 2000, USP has owned and operated USPNet, its regional satellite network that keeps its 12 campuses across the South Pacific connected. As USPNet grew, several stability and efficiency issues began to affect its performance. During high-congestion periods, for example, the quality of individual services suffered, including Internet, video conferencing and the course management system relied on by students and faculty. This, coupled with the network’s limited bandwidth capacity, prevented USPNet from effectively expanding or meeting the needs of its users.
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Tuaropaki Launches iDirect Evolution Network In New Zealand To Expand Broadband Service Offering

Tuaropaki to deliver carrier-grade services to government and corporate market, support 3G cellular backhaul

Herndon, Va., June 21, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Tuaropaki Communications Limited (Tuaropaki), a satellite service provider based in New Zealand, has launched a broadband network built on iDirect’s Evolution DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) product line. Tuaropaki installed an iDirect 5IF Hub in Auckland and will purchase a number of iDirect Evolution satellite routers, along with PCMA devices and XipLink XA30K network accelerators, to support anticipated customer growth over the next three years. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

With the iDirect platform’s built-in Group Quality of Service and ACM capabilities, Tuaropaki will enhance its rural inzone broadband service to deliver attractive data usage plans to existing customers, as well as target new enterprise and government customers. The expanded network will position Tuaropaki to meet the growing capacity needs from its existing customer base, as well as offer carrier-grade satellite service to support in-demand applications such as Internet, IP infrastructure extension, VPN access, video, voice over IP, business continuity, emergency communications, distance education and 3G cellular backhaul. Tuaropaki’s service will integrate bandwidth from three beams on the IPStar and GE-23 satellites.
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iDirect Launches New Standard Edition of SatManage

Simplified software offering targeted at mid-tier operators looking to optimize network operations and enhance customer management

Herndon, Va., June 20, 2011 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced it has released a new software edition for its award-winning SatManage system. SatManage Standard is a simplified, out-of-the-box software offering designed for satellite operators with small to mid-tier network deployments that want to improve their operations, grow their business and increase customer loyalty. Like the Enterprise edition, SatManage Standard includes a powerful suite of Web-based software tools that integrate, monitor and automate satellite networks and Network Operations Center (NOC)-based applications. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology.

SatManage Standard is specifically designed for mid-tier operators that have networks with up to 1,000 VSATs and less complex requirements for mobile remotes and extended reporting. SatManage Standard provides all the key functionality in the Enterprise edition, but without the extra mobility and traffic analysis features that are not relevant for smaller, fixed deployments. If an operators’ network size or complexity becomes large enough, they can easily upgrade from the Standard edition to the Enterprise edition.
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Orange Business Services uses iDirect’s IP-based VSAT platform to keep nations connected with all of their embassies

Orange Business ServicesFor government and international defense agencies, establishing and maintaining communications with their embassies in distant countries can be a formidable challenge. Many embassies are located in areas with limited infrastructure and IT support. Other sites face the constant threat of political unrest or civil war. Still others must contend with environmental hazards such as natural disasters. All this adds to the enormous responsibility these agencies have to execute critical diplomatic functions. Without the necessary availability and security for broadband communications, it becomes virtually impossible for them to stay connected and in control.

These are the challenges Orange Business Services solves for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) agencies for multiple nations across the world. Orange manages a global IP network that integrates terrestrial MPLS VPN access with satellite connectivity based on the iDirect platform. It provides nations with a secure and reliable solution to keep them connected to their embassies, no matter where they are located.

Read on to discover how Orange delivers on-demand bandwidth using iDirect technology.

Vizada Networks Ramps up Capacity on Eutelsat W7 Satellite

SOURCE Eutelsat Communications and Vizada Networks

Vizada Networks has further increased the capacity it leases on the powerful W7 satellite operated by Eutelsat Communications to support its portfolio of Internet and data services in Europe, North Africa, the CIS region and the Middle East. A new capacity agreement signed between both companies extends their close working relationship to 2014 and establishes Vizada as one of the leading clients on W7 for Internet and data services.

Vizada Networks’ services on W7 are based on two technology platforms offering a wide portfolio of services, primarily to customers in Iraq and Afghanistan, within the government, corporate, ISP and voice sectors. In addition to services based on iDirect (DVB-S2/ACM) and TBB (Taide Broadband – DVB-S2), Vizada Networks has introduced an all new technology platform in 2011; called JanUX Mark II, it is based on a DVB-S2/ACM foundation and offers numerous benefits over previous generation systems.


iDX 3.0 Software – Now Available!

iDX 3.0 Software




The wait is over – iDirect’s iDX 3.0 Software has launched!

Learn about our latest iDX 3.0 software that provides you with the ability to succeed in any industry, with any networking configuration.

  • TDMA and SCPC on the same platform for the first time
  • Improved hub scalability with multi-channel demod
  • Support for growing multicast services
  • Optimize your iDirect networks while enabling new service revenues

There has never been a better time to upgrade!  Please contact your iDirect sales representative for more information and visit the iDX 3.0 Software section on our website.

Register now for the iDX 3.0 Launch Webinar
When:  Tuesday, Jun 21, 10-11am EST
Host:  Tom Howell, Director Product Management

The Smart Grid – New Tech Seeks Satellite Path

Via Satellite ArticleFrom Via Satellite Magazine

Smart grid initiatives, or efforts to improve existing electric infrastructures through the use of intelligent electrical devices and telecommunications, are accelerating in size and scope. These efforts are taking place around the globe, touching both industrialized and developing nations.

The term ‘smart grid’ is a bit misleading.  Electric grids already are very smart, utilizing distributed control (DCS) and supervisory and control (SCADA) systems to remotely monitor and control electric networks; however, as the national grid in the United States, which is made up of multiple regional grids, changes to meet new demands, even more monitoring and control capabilities are being added.  Continue>

New Maritime VSAT Market Report

VSAT: Present and Future Research ReportiDirect has just released the findings of a major research project focused on VSAT communications in the maritime market. The survey was conducted by a third party consulting firm Stark Moore MacMillan whose background and knowledge of the maritime industry allowed them to undertake this project and provide detailed insights about the current market for satellite communications. 

The research involved interviews with over 60 different maritime shipping companies from all regions of the world. The goal of the research was to understand the potential for VSAT, the knowledge and understanding of the technology, and the drivers and barriers to fitting VSAT. The companies interviewed comprise over 13% of the world’s commercial trading fleet over 1,000GT with a pretty even distribution between those companies that had adopted VSAT and those companies that had not yet fitted the technology. 
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TETRA – An untapped opportunity!

Richard DeasingtonBy Richard Deasington

Most readers will never have heard of it yet many may have had their lives saved by TETRA – Terrestrial Trunked Radio – the two-way radios used by emergency services, transportation organizations, utility companies and similar.  TETRA networks have a similar structure to their better known cousins – GSM networks – and were defined by the same standards body – the European Telecoms Standards Institute (ETSI). 

A key characteristic of TETRA networks is that they usually have to provide very extensive coverage so that police / fire / ambulance / utility services and the like can handle emergency calls at any location in a territory.  As for GSM – satellite can provide an economic and rapid means to deploy coverage in areas far away from telecoms infrastructure – either linking to permanent base stations in rural or remote locations or providing links to their rapid deploy truck mounted base-stations. 

Read our latest case study with Pro-M and HDT in Hungary showing how iDirect’s system enabled them to support first responders dealing with a record-breaking flood in 2010. 

TETRA networks can be found in all continents – more than 400 have been installed in at least 100 countries and many of these are candidates for either permanent remote cell sites and/or cells on wheels connected by satellite.  The one place you won’t find TETRA networks yet is in the US – but following lobbying by the utility industry the FCC have just permitted TETRA operation and so we can expect to see a flurry of new TETRA networks (and opportunities for iDirect network operators!) coming here soon.  Please contact Richard Deasington at iDirect for any help you need in pursuing these opportunities.