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Satellite Connection Launches

Welcome to the premier issue of Satellite Connection, a monthly newsletter focused on what’s new with iDirect and satellite technology. In this issue, we feature a year in review, an inside look at Evolution platform adoption, industry updates, and opportunities for adopting satellite for the smart grid. In the right-hand column are resources, events and posts. More is planned for 2011, which you can read about in coming issues. Click here to sign up.


2010 Year-in-Review: Taking VSAT Further

By David Bettinger
iDirect CTO and Senior VP, Engineering

As 2010 winds down, we take stock of several notable moments and opportunities.  The satellite industry saw robust growth in key industries; a positive sign for our partners. At iDirect, we made a concerted effort to continue to enhance the capabilities of existing technologies allowing our partners to deliver more bandwidth at a lower cost, ensure higher availability and reliability, offer a broader mix of services, and, most important, grow and differentiate their business.

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Evolution Platform Upgrades: Enhanced Efficiency & Increased Business

In 2010, iDirect released the fourth major software upgrade to Evolution. With iDX 2.1, we have expanded the power of DVB-S2, delivering several new capabilities, such as faster data processing speeds for enhanced efficiency gains and network scalability improvements.

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WTA Top Teleport Operators of 2010

Each year, the World Teleport Association (WTA) ranks our industry operators in their Top Teleport Operators lists. These are the cream of the crop, recognized for offering excellent service and for growing their business. In 2010, eleven iDirect operators made the WTAs Fast Twenty list—congratulations!

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NSR Global Assessment: Satellite Demand Rising!

In keeping with the theme of results-oriented reports, North Sky Research (NSR) has released its Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand. This in-depth study projects an average annual revenue growth rate of 5.4 percent for the industry as a whole through 2019. NSR estimates that the FSS industry-leasing revenues will almost hit $16.2 billion by 2019 on the back of both increased demand as well as gradually rising capacity pricing.

Get the full picture of what’s coming down the satellite pike by reading the complete NSR report.

Adopting Satellite for the Smart Grid

By Michel Zimet
iDirect Director, Vertical Marketing, Energy and Utilities

Utility companies worldwide are investing in smart grid strategies to make their current electrical grid infrastructure more intelligent, reliable and efficient. The smart grid offers many advantages, such as lowering costs by automating monitoring and management functions, gathering data in real time to help prevent outages as well as to tackle them more quickly, and improving effectiveness via monitoring and optimizing energy usage.

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GQoS Boosts Bandwidth (and more) in a DVB-S2 Environment

Group Quality of Service (GQoS), iDirect’s award-winning bandwidth allocation algorithm, offers many opportunities to greatly improve performance. With GQoS, network operators will realize a significant increase in bandwidth management capabilities when prioritizing traffic for customers in a shared network environment.

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