All Apps on Board: All Eyes at Sea

Oil rig operators are constantly under pressure to run operations more efficiently and securely. With leasing rates averaging hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, a single minute of disrupted communications is a hefty loss in profits. The key to success is increasing the visibility and speed of collaboration between the rig and headquarters.

iDirect All Eyes at Sea

Today, VSAT networks provide real-time information exchanges between operations at sea and employees back at headquarters. One rising trend is the integrated use of video in day-to-day operations. Today, oil rigs are equipped to support video applications – whether that’s sending live video feeds from an oil rig or from the ocean floor. Furthermore, they’re equipping exploration vessels, workboats, tankers, offshore support vessels (OSVs), production platforms and remote drilling sites with full access to corporate networks.

Add to this the need to support basic corporate networking, crew welfare and bandwidth-heavy data transfer. And consider that oil and gas networks also support ocean-crossing oil tankers and other mobility applications – and suddenly many of today’s VSAT networks are challenged to carry the load.

Enter the newly launched iDirect 9350 Satellite Router. The 9350 is targeted at high-end commercial mobility markets, and initially features up to 150 Mbps of aggregate throughput Adaptive TDMA performance with a software upgrade path to well over 200 Mbps via support for Adaptive SCPC.

Faster and better-informed decisions can shave days off of the time it takes to drill a well, which translates into millions of dollars in savings. And that’s always welcome news for energy companies.

Offshore operations are feeling the pressure, but see what leading market research and consulting firm Northern Sky Research (NSR) has to say on how the industry should move forward.

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