All Apps on Board: Now Serving More Data

You could say that the superyacht passenger epitomizes the market standard for connectivity these days.

Once these passengers step aboard, their expectation for unparalleled bandwidth, premium VoIP services and 4K video – present in their everyday lives – is just as fervent out at sea.

Now Serving More DataFor the superyacht owner, that means that along with the high-end concierge service, they must be serving more data than ever.

Both passengers and crew want high-speed internet connectivity and access to content like streaming TV. And VSAT networks must support applications such as bridge communications, weather tracking and ship maintenance.

The superyacht segment within maritime has relied on VSAT for many years, and now that reliance levels up a notch. And as traffic demands surge and the number of devices per passenger per ship increases, superyacht owners are upgrading their VSAT networks to support higher-speed and higher-quality service.

A look at the market shows growth ahead. According to Northern Sky Research’s (NSR) Maritime SATCOM Markets, 4th Edition, there will be 8,200 VSAT-equipped passenger vessels by 2025, up from 4,400 reported at the end of 2015. The general leisure maritime market, of which superyacht is part of, remains strong, with new ship orders demanding higher bandwidth options.

Learn what NSR and maritime VSAT leaders are forecasting for the years ahead.

Passenger markets are poised to move over to HTS-based offerings in GEO and Non-GEO, with almost 24 Gbps of demand by 2025, in addition to 79 TPEs of FSS capacity. HTS services are predicated to drive significant adoption with better coverage, more affordable bandwidth and lower-cost equipment.

When it comes to satisfying this new level of demand aboard superyacht vessels, the new iDirect 9350 satellite remote brings a special set of capabilities to deliver.

Targeted at the high-end commercial mobility markets, the 9350 initially features up to 150 Mbps of aggregate throughput Adaptive TDMA performance with a software upgrade path to well over 200 Mbps via support for Adaptive SCPC.

With the 9350, iDirect introduces a new class of remote ideal for the very high throughput expectations. When coupled with our new Universal Line Cards (ULCs), this creates a satellite ground infrastructure that delivers the next level of performance and functionality.

For more on mobility, check out the  All Apps on Board infographic.

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