All Apps on Board: Meeting Sky-High Expectations for Connectivity

Meet Sky-High Expectations - iDirectYou can barely board a flight these days that doesn’t advertise in-flight connectivity. Commercial airlines are investing more in VSAT for in-flight connectivity to compete for the loyalty of more than one billion annual airline passengers, as well as improve operational productivity in the face of constantly rising costs.

Today, expectations for what a VSAT network can deliver are soaring to a higher level. Passengers want to watch streaming video content and live TV without constant buffering. Further, onboard networks are expanding to support cellular service.

In the cockpit, in-flight connectivity serves a growing set of business needs, such as navigational charting, weather-pattern monitoring and mechanical system monitoring. And connectivity helps ground control stay in control, receiving live feeds from the aircraft to monitor fuel and maintenance needs.

Supporting all these applications demands a faster and more efficient network. Thankfully, High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are answering the call. NSR reports that approximately 18,000 aircraft will be powered by capacity from HTS by 2025, accounting for $2.8 billion in revenue. These numbers are in addition to 8,160 Ku-band units, and nearly 90,000 total VSAT-connected aircraft projected for the same timeframe.

With rising pressure on service providers to meet the airlines’ continual demand for increasing network performance, iDirect has introduced its next-generation aero remote, the CX780.

The CX780 is a powerful, next-generation remote module architected specifically for operation on commercial aircraft with dual demodulators for “make-before-break” beam switching or multicast overlay. The CX780 includes fast beam switching, spread spectrum returns and skew angle compensation to support aeronautical operations and antennas. When coupled with our powerful, new hub infrastructure, including the new Universal Line Card (ULC), service providers will experience the next level of performance.

It’s an expectation of modern air travel that flying means flying the connected skies. And the satellite industry is rising to the occasion, performing at a higher elevation, with iDirect technology.

For more on mobility, check out the All Apps on Board infographic.

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