All Apps on Board – Maritime VSAT Infographic

The demand for VSAT connectivity is surging across core mobility markets today. And for satellite service providers, the imperative has become this: accommodating more people on the network, running more bandwidth-intensive applications, all at the same time.

It could mean supporting a network for a cruise ship community of 5,000 people travelling with more than 10,000 devices combined.  It could mean supporting a high-throughput network on board a superyacht for high-profile millionaires. Or it could mean managing a dynamic mix of passenger and crew applications aboard a commercial airline.

Check out this infographic to learn more:

No matter which scenario you’re in, iDirect has the mobility platform to ensure your network can carry the bandwidth load. From our family of mobility remotes built for high-throughput expectations to our advanced mobility networking technologies, the iDirect platform enables reliable, high-speed service over any satellite.

See how industry leaders are preparing for the next big wave in maritime VSAT.

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