A Conversation with Jack Waters of XipLink – Part 3 of 3

Josh CohenBy Josh Cohen, Director, Sales Business Development

iDirect’s Director, Sales Business Development, Joshua Cohen, who has been with iDirect for over 13 years, recently sat down with Jack Waters, the President and CEO of partner XipLink to discuss the company’s latest venture with iDirect, the XipLink-X7 Xtreme Bundle Solution.

This is the third in a series of the conversation.

In the second part of the blog, we left off with:

Josh: Finally, I believe that XipLink has recently custom-designed a product specifically for iDirect customers – your XS-iDirect solution?

jack watersJack: Yes, that’s correct, Josh. Our XS was designed to allow iDirect Hub Operators obtain up to 100 Mbps of combined downstream and upstream TCP traffic from the hub out to one remote site. It is ideal for the most demanding customers in Maritime, Mining, and Oil/Gas markets. The XS was specifically designed for use with your Evolution X7, which iDirect offers as the XipLink-X7 Xtreme Bundle Solution.

Josh: Turning now to the technical side, what is your “secret sauce” so to speak that allows the XipLink suite of products do what it does?

Jack: The main innovation in the design of XipLink’s technology is that we have implemented key optimizations in the kernel of the operating system, which is significantly faster with a smaller impact to the hardware. This results in two main advantages to our customers:

  1. First, a smaller code space results in much better performance;
  2. Second, a smaller code space (kernel) makes it much easier to deploy in smaller packages. This means that our software – our XE embedded solution – can fit in many more devices than competing products. Because the code space in our competitors’ products is much larger – somewhere between 4x-10x on average – their product cannot be integrated with nearly as many third party products, meaning we have a significant advantage for remote deployments and in higher-end performance markets such as military or mobile.

Josh: Let’s turn now to the iDirect/XipLink partnership. From XipLink’s perspective, how has the partnership worked out so far from both a business and technical/integration perspective?

Jack: From my perspective, the partnership with iDirect has been fantastic for us. We have a very good relationship with iDirect across your organization, including both the technical development side as well as the testing group. It is worth highlighting that the iDirect team has tested our solution extensively, and therefore iDirect’s customer base can feel very confident that they are receiving a product that works.

One other area where the iDirect partnership has been really helpful is the XipLink products are covered by iSupport. iDirect allowed us to train your Technical Assistance Team on the XipLink products, so that your customer base has a single point of contact to receive support from iDirect’s entire suite of products as well as the XipLink solution.

Josh: Can you highlight some of your top verticals, and any specific iDirect/XipLink customer samples you are able to share?

Jack: We have joint success in a number of verticals. Two worth highlighting are maritime and aeronautical. With maritime, the major application is crew welfare, so that the ship crew can keep in touch with family and friends while they are at sea.

On the aeronautical side, this is a market which is bandwidth constrained, and therefore a high priority on optimizing bandwidth that is available. If you recall, I had mentioned our remote solutions came in three form factors – the XA appliance; the XE embedded software option; and virtualized solutions. Aeronautical is one of the markets where our virtualized product solves a key problem.. The way we implement aeronautical projects is to create a virtualized XipLink solution on pre-certified servers in the airline cabin. This means that airlines do not need to spend millions of dollars getting an FDA certification to add a new piece of equipment to their planes.

Josh: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today, Jack. We look forward to continuing to work closely with XipLink in the future.

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