The 9-Series: Pairing Performance with Efficiency for Government & Defense

iDirect Defense Line CardsFor government and defense agencies, confidence is key to all aspects of their operation. This includes their investment in technology, as these agencies must always be assured that the tools they have today are future proof to withstand any challenge ahead.

With the release of the next-generation 9-series of satellite routers and defense line cards, iDirect continues to raise the bar across three fronts of innovation: performance, efficiency, and security. This week we focus on efficiency.

iDirect continually delivers software feature enhancements on the Evolution® platform to accompany its next-generation of 9-series remotes. The result is a networking platform that provides today’s militaries with the most efficient use of bandwidth.

As satellite capacity increases with HTS (High Throughput Satellite) and WGS (Wideband Global Satellite), network optimization and driving higher performance out of the network becomes even more important to accomplish the mission. With the release of next-generation defense line cards – the DLC-T and DLC-R– defense customers can enable secure voice, data and video communication links and never seen before performance and throughput levels.

The DLC-T supports DVB-S2/ACM with higher, more efficient MODCODs and are compatible with the existing hub equipment yet are future proof. The DLC-R features much higher performance. Not only will they support as many as 16-channels and as much as a four-times increase in composite Msps, they will also feature a two times increase in per channel TDMA and Adaptive SCPC returns compared to existing technologies. And the DLC-Rs are capable of supporting multi-channel demodulation (MCD) Adaptive Spread. The line card also features a separate TRANSEC module so that the board does not need to be recertified every time there is a change. . Defense forces can keep pace with the technological advances and stay abreast of features the commercial sector enjoys, whilst maintaining security and accreditation.

The DLC line cards, along with the 9-series remotes, can drive performance of over 150 Mbps of aggregate throughput with DVB-S2 and Adaptive TDMA with 15 Msps carrier and a path to well over 200 Mbps via support of 29 Msps with Adaptive SCPC.

The implementation optimizes bandwidth due to many efficiency improvements including smaller roll-off factors and waveform enhancements, which allow optimal carrier spacing to save bandwidth. The availability of higher MODCODs and additional FEC rates further provide improvements to spectral efficiency. Each of these efficiency gains permits greater throughput on the same amount of bandwidth thus increasing mission capability.

When coupled with iDirect’s high-performance 9-series remotes, governments and defense agencies receive immediate benefit in the form of greater spectral efficiencies and advanced capabilities.

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