The 9-Series: High-Performance Remotes Built for the Mission



Whether by land, air, or sea, the mission at-hand is always critical for government and defense agencies. Therefore, the technology used in every instance must have the ability to deliver fast and flexible communications whenever and wherever needed.

With the release of the next-generation 9-series of satellite routers and defense line cards, iDirect continues to raise the bar across three fronts of innovation: performance, efficiency, and security. This week we focus on performance.

The 9-series are designed to co-exist with the e8000 series remotes thus enabling for a smooth transition path to upgrade fielded remotes. Our new portfolio of remotes are able to handle highly sophisticated applications that operate at the heart of military operations worldwide:

  • The real-time exchange of voice, data, and high-definition ISR video between airborne assets and operators on the ground
  • Enable command access for soldiers deployed with portable, light-weight, power-efficient manpack terminals
  • A full range of broadband capabilities aboard military maritime vessels
  • The establishment of land-based mobile command units

These applications are enabled with the 9-series through a range of different form factors and capabilities. This includes rack-mount, board level products optimized around size, weight and power (SWaP) and special form factors and capabilities for aero applications.

  • The rackmounted 9350, the fastest iDirect TDMA remote to date with over 150


    Mbps of aggregate throughput with DVB-S2 and Adaptive TDMA with 15 Msps carrier and a path to well over 200 Mbps via support of 29 Msps with Adaptive SCPC. The 9350 also features a multi-core processor, Gigabit Ethernet links, dual demodulators, and an LCD display.

  • The 900, a board level remote, features the same capabilities as the 9350 with the added ability for custom terminal integration.
  • The 950mp, which features an overall 30% reduction in size, weight, and power (SWaP) and transmit keyline to further reduce power consumption. Ideal for integration into man-portable terminals.

Additional common features of the 9-series include FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance, TRANSEC, 10 and 50 MHz oscillators for better phase noise and stability for Ku- and Ka-band, support for communications on the move (COTM), enhanced security, and HTS-ready to support increased capacity, multi-spot beams, and faster data rates.



Tailored to the aero use cases, the 980 features a special form factor for easy integration into airborne deployments. The 980 is designed specifically for ultra-high speed airborne applications with extended frequency range and dual demodulators for fast beam switching or multicast overlay capabilities and features many of the same capabilities as the 9-series.

Learn more about iDirect’s advances in remote performance in this 9-Series Remotes Video here.

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