iDirect’s Dave Davis Discusses Upcoming IET Milsatcoms Event

Watch Dave Davis, iDirect’s Sr. Sales Systems Engineer, discuss the IET Milsatcoms event, which will be held in London of June 2018. This event is one of the leading for the military satellite community. Make your plans now to attend and meet with Dave to talk about iDirect and its role in the defence market.

iDirect's Dave Davis to attend IET 2018

See iDirect at Satellite 2018

See iDirect at Satellite 2018

Next month’s Satellite 2018 is the largest and most anticipated global satellite technology show of the year.

Please make plans now to join the iDirect team in Stand #801 at Satellite 2018 for a full lineup of product presentations and celebrations, and find out what’s coming next! Hear about our latest DVB-S2X innovations – including the new line of DVB-S2X remotes – featuring the iQ Desktop currently deployed by customers who are realizing new levels of performance and efficiency.

As a leader in mobility, enterprise and government markets, we will have our experts on hand to help answer your questions – where’s the growth is coming from, what’s happening in the market, what are the technology trends, why is the iDirect platform unique and what’s my path forward? We’ll have exciting new products, partnerships and solutions to tell you about for you to offer your customers.

Don’t miss this presentation: the Closing General Session at 1 p.m. on Thursday, March 15, “Are the Satellite and Terrestrial Industries Converging?” iDirect CEO, Kevin Steen, joins an executive panel to dive into one of today’s hottest topics − 5G and what it means to the satellite industry in terms of both opportunities and threats.

New Market Analysis Paper by NSR and iDirect – “Unlocking New Satcom Markets and Capabilities with Next-Gen Ground Segment”

Unlocking New Satcom Markets and Capabilities with Next-Gen Ground Segment

New white paper: Unlocking New Satcom Markets and Capabilities with Next-Gen Ground Segment

The space segment has unleashed innovation after innovation in recent years. As a result, the satellite communication industry is targeting a wide spectrum of new applications to ignite growth. But none of these new technologies will materialize without a powerful partner on the ground.

As the brains of the VSAT network, ground infrastructure must be in sync with the pace of innovation in the space segment. This new white paper by research firm NSR and iDirect – the leader in ground infrastructure sales with 34% of the market share – provides an in-depth analysis of key VSAT markets including enterprise, aero, maritime and cellular backhaul and details how major advances in ground infrastructure are creating new opportunities to monetize capacity and expand the market for satellite communications.

Some of the key insights inside:

  • How ground platforms continue to improve the bits per Hertz and drive DVB-S2X efficiencies with higher signal strength links on HTS.
  • Advances in hardware virtualization that enable much greater scale at a more cost-effective operating model.
  • How the iDirect platform allows operators and providers to deliver the right throughput rate at the right cost, run large networks cost effectively and deploy new services rapidly.
  • Critical future developments to overcome barriers of interoperability to become part of mainstream converged services.
  • iDirect’s plans to support multi-waveform capabilities to enable a converged platform that combines capacity from all orbits, integrates with 5G cellular networks and supports subscriber roaming across service provider networks.

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iDirect Partner Perspective: Q-KON Launches the First Regional Gateway Network in Africa Using the iDirect Multi-carrier Mesh Solution

Dawie de Wet, CEO, Q-KON, sits down with iDirect and offers his perspective on the Dawie-de-Wet-350financial market in Africa, and becoming the first on the continent to launch a regional gateway network using iDirect’s mesh solution. Q-KON is the first satellite company to establish a regional gateway in Swaziland. Q-KON is a telecommunications system integrator with 30 years’ experience in most African countries, specifically in the financial sector. With a long history of communications networks in Swaziland, Q-KON was approached by a major bank in Swaziland to provide reliable primary and backup communication for their ATM’s and branches both in-country and back to its International Headquarters located in South Africa.

iDirect: Please describe Q-KON and its role in the African finance market.

Q-KON is a specialist Telco who is focused on developing and operating “off-grid” connectivity solutions for enterprise, business and industry throughout Africa. “Off-grid” meaning locations, service or both, which are off the national telecom networks and can’t be met by the existing Telco infrastructure.

Although the mobile networks provide good 3G data coverage, the financial services market in Africa requires higher reliability and assured Service Level Agreement (SLA) services for branch back-up, ATM and point-of-sales services. Together with iDirect, Q-KON has developed specific satellite access solutions that integrates the always-on, anywhere, and high reliability advantages of satellite services with network efficiency, cost optimization and committed SLA support. The services are providing cost points below current 3G access and are opening new business models for the financial sector even for shopping malls and metros where the high demand on 3G connectivity leads to mobile network congestion and effectively creates an “off-grid” situation. Read More

URSYS Services to Migrate to Optus D2 Satellite

From Optus

Optus Satellite and URSYS services, which specialises in remote area communications offerings, have announced that, following a competitive market review, URSYS iDirect VSAT services will be migrated to the Optus D2 satellite by December 2018.optus logo

Through its partnership with Optus, URSYS iDirect VSAT services will provide high quality broadband satellite communications, ideal for remote areas of Australia that are unable to connect with broadband services through regular means.

Paul Sheridan, Vice President of Optus Satellite said, “We pride ourselves in the continued delivery of critical satellite services to the highest standard, allowing partners such as URSYS to continue offering their customers improved end-user services and for us to retain our market leading position.

“We have a long relationship with URSYS and are pleased to be making this announcement, building on many years of experience and collaboration. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship and work together to deliver exciting and innovative new products to market,” said Mr Sheridan.

URSYS has been operating iDirect based VSAT networks for more than 10 years, supporting hundreds of sites across Australia and internationally.

Patrick Duff, Chief Operating Officer of URSYS said, “Migrating hundreds of sites to a new satellite is no small feat, but with it will come a lot of wins that make a solid case for the project. Key points such as having a single hardware configuration for all satellites in our fleet, massive efficiency gains from the latest iDirect platform utilising DVB-S2X, allow us to deliver the latest platform features such as L2 over Satellite, q-in-q, VPLS/VPWS and more. Continue >

Transforming the Connectivity Experience at Sea

The world’s best maritime service providers, satellite operators and equipment manufacturers are hard at work transforming the connectivity experience at sea. Several of iDirect’s partners have dedicated themselves to overcoming some of the greatest challenges that face maritime operations today, from delivering new levels of customer and crew connectivity, to enabling better operational agility and intelligence to cargo vessels. 

Enabling Better Network Speed and Integration

Today, satellite operators need to support growing ranges of applications for rapidly expanding global footprints and fleet sizes. With Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress service, the connected ship can use real-time intelligence to improve operational agility, enhance efficiency, address regulatory compliance and cyber security, and reduce costs. Intelsat’s EpicNG High Throughput Satellite (HTS) network has helped maritime operators fully integrate their global fleets with on-shore operations. And SES Networks’ Maritime+ enables maritime customers to have easy access to customizable bandwidth and coverage packages, ensuring satellite capacity is effectively utilized.

Offering Custom Maritime Connectivity Solutions

For the cruise market, the benefits that connectivity can bring to crew welfare and passenger satisfaction are too important to ignore. Service providers like Speedcast provide highly reliable, fully managed, end-to-end remote communication and IT solutions through their collaborative network design approach for customers like Hurtigruten, a global cruise liner based in Norway that sails to topographies where it’s difficult to provide reliable communications onboard. Read More

VT iDirect Signs MoU with Ghalam LLP of Kazakhstan to Develop Next-Generation Ground Technologies

Collaboration to explore the development of cost-effective technologies that bridge the digital divide in the region.

Herndon, Va., 29 January 2018 – VT iDirect, Inc. (VT iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ghalam LLP, a Kazakhstan Airbus Defence and Space joint venture, to explore the development of next-generation ground technologies to support initiatives that bridge the digital divide in the region, particularly the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy and “Digital Kazakhstan” government programme. VT iDirect’s technical expertise will support Ghalam LLP in developing technologies to tackle digital divide issues, and provide connectivity to the populace in a cost-effective manner. The collaboration will also provide access to the latest, highest performing, and most efficient DVB-S2X technology in the market.


Ghalam LLP is an operator of the most advanced Spacecraft Assembling and Integration Test Complex (SBIK) in the Commonwealth of Independent States. It designs and manufactures different space craft, satellite and ground segment components for space and other high-tech industries. Engineers and staff of Ghalam LLP are certified according to European standards and trained at leading aerospace companies.

“Our partnership with VT iDirect will enable us to expand on the digitalisation of Kazakhstan and become a known hub of technology in the world,” said Aibergen Ruslanuly, General Director, Ghalam. “iDirect’s reputation in the satellite industry and next-generation equipment enables us to showcase a strong cooperation between Ghalam and VT iDirect.” Read More

Q-KON Deploys iDirect Regional Node Solution in Swaziland

From IT News Africa

Q-KON, a service provider and systems integrator, deployed a satellite Regional Node Q-KON Regional Nodesolution to provide primary and backup communication for a financial VSAT network in Swaziland. Q-KON partnered with VT iDirect, a member of Vision Technologies Systems (VT Systems) for the installation – a world first.

Q-KON is a telecommunications system integrator and project house with almost 30 years’ experience in the financial sector in most African countries. With a long history of communications networks in Swaziland, Q-KON was approached by a major bank in Swaziland to provide reliable primary and backup communication for their ATM’s and branches, both in-country and back to its International Headquarters located in South Africa.

The financial sector is one of the most rapidly evolving verticals in Africa. The drive to increase financial inclusion and expanding the customer base relies heavily on a high availability communication network not bounded by geographical constraints. VSAT connectivity remains the ultimate “always on, anywhere” communication medium that can enable self-service banking at ATMs, online banking, reliable POS connectivity, retail banking and voice and telephony needs. Read More

Bentley Walker Drives iDirect DVB-S2X Deployment in the Middle East, and Africa Using Avanti’s HYLAS Fleet.

From Bentley Walker


Bentley Walker, the largest supplier and operator of VSAT Networks outside of North America, announces the launch of their iDirect-based DVB-S2X service in Afghanistan, following highly successful deployments in Iraq and Libya.

Utilising Avanti Communications’ Ka-band satellite capacity, this latest launch provides Bentley Walker’s customers a seamless upgrade path to utilise the iDirect iQ Series family of modems for increased throughputs.  The iQ Desktop modem supports a full range of DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 256APSK with a wide range of FEC rates and Adaptive TDMA, allowing greater bandwidth efficiencies.

Bentley Walker is also adding new functionality including software that allows resellers the flexibility to activate, upgrade, downgrade, change and find location.  Additionally, customers will have more access to multiple performance indicators to help in the management and delivery of more efficient operations.

Bentley Walker’s EMEA coverage is set to significantly increase with the announcement in 2018 that they will commence service roll out across Africa utilising their initial $1m bandwidth commitment on Avanti’s newest High-Throughput Satellite, HYLAS 4 which is due to launch in March 2018 from Kourou, French Guiana.

HYLAS 4 will expand capacity over Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa with 64 active Ka-band fixed beams and 4 steerable beams with Civil, Government and BSS service capabilities.  This will extend Avanti’s coverage to 1.7bn people across 118 countries, and support Bentley Walker’s market expansion into West, Central and South Africa. Read More

Dalkom Somalia Launches iDirect Network to Expand Satellite Connectivity in Somalia

Dalkom Somalia Launches iDirect Network to Expand Satellite Connectivity in SomaliaiDirect platform brings greater bandwidth speed and improves end user experience

Herndon, Va. January 3, 2018 – VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect), a company of Vision Technologies Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Dalkom Somalia has installed an iDirect Hub and will leverage iDirect’s series remotes to provide high-speed satellite connectivity in Somalia. The new iDirect network will enable Dalkom Somalia to scale its service more cost-effectively, expand end user data rates up to 38.5 Mbps, and improve Service Level Agreements by reducing service set-up duration. It will also provide back-up connectivity for service restoration in cities as needed.

Dalkom Somalia is one of Somalia’s fast-growing telecom companies offering next-generation solutions for broadband, connectivity, cloud computing, managed services, satellite services, and internet services for businesses, wholesale and consumer segments. Financed by Dalkom Somalia as part of the company’s strategy to provide world class infrastructure to support the Horn and East Africa region’s needs for innovative Telecommunication & Information and Communications Technology solutions, the new iDirect network will serve a wide range of markets, including Government and non-Government Organisations, charities, healthcare, academic institutions, Internet Service Providers, telecommunications operators and financial services.

“Through the iDirect platform, we are opening up areas where no connectivity has existed before,” said Mohamed Ahmed Jama, CEO, Dalkom Somalia. “iDirect’s platform technology enables us to gain critical operations advantages by increasing data performance and efficiency, and shortening service installation. And these are critical requirements to expand our service reach and capabilities.”

“The expansion of connectivity in Africa is a major priority for iDirect,” said David Harrower, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, VT iDirect. “Our partnership with Dalkom Somalia hinges on the provision of efficient, high-speed satellite service, enabling the expansion of businesses, government and non-profit services across the continent. This new network in Somalia will significantly aid local citizens in Somalia.”